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18 pictures that prove bad eyes almost always follow a good mind / incredible

Anyone who needs glasses knows that it’s almost impossible to get rid of some bugs like touching the lens and leaving fingerprints or even forgetting where you put them. However, some people took these events with good humor and shared situations that almost anyone who wears glasses can relate to.

After all, who hasn’t experienced an accident or an unexpected situation that makes us take glasses seriously, right? In these cases, we usually have two options: take it in good spirits or tear our hair out in anger. Well, the people in this article decided to go the first route and laugh at their very minor mishaps.

1. “I was going to the bathroom without my glasses and I asked my kettle to move off the counter. To be honest, I have nine cats.”

2. A photo that illustrates well what it’s like to wear glasses

3. “I turned my room, my bed and even my mattress to look for my glasses, then I felt something on my back”

4. “My new glasses. I knew my vision was bad, but I didn’t think it was that bad.”

5. “My in-laws’ dog found my glasses the night I arrived at their house”

6. “I was told I couldn’t just change the lenses in my glasses because the frame was warped…I wonder why”

7. “I looked for my glasses for 3 days and forgot to check the oven before preheating”

8. “I have a huge pimple right where my glasses are”

9. “The absurdity of going to the movie with prescription glasses + 3D glasses + subtitle glasses”

10. “I always lose my glasses when I put them to bed”

  • It’s on the right side, in the middle. One of the legs of the glasses is almost at the same level as the branch. © Ryuiop/ Reddit

11. “I took my glasses off and thought I had a huge dog staring at me”

12. “My glasses have a logo on the corner of the lens. I always think it’s dirty!”

13. “Hey, give me my glass”

14. “The only place my glasses don’t fog up is the anti-glare logo… Couldn’t it be the other way around?”

15. “This is how I see when my glasses fog up because of the cold”

16. “I’m looking for my glasses. It’s gotten to the point where I’m not even surprised anymore.”

17. “Almost every time I take my glasses off, they pull my hair out of my head”

18. “I broke my glasses a few days ago and have looked literally everywhere, even in the freezer. When I finally accepted they were gone, I found them.”

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