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18 proofs that there is nothing stronger and more beautiful than a dog’s love for its owner / Incredible

If you feel alone and sometimes without a friendly shoulder by your side, adopt a dog. It’s proven – it works! Whether big or small, our faithful four-legged companions can banish sadness with a simple flick of a fluffy tail and heal a broken heart with just a look. After all, nothing compares to the eyes of a pet, full of love and care for the owner. And to convince you of our point, we’ve prepared a selection high on cuteness and canine companionship stories to share with you.

“I’m already six days past my due date. She gathered all her favorite toys and looked at me with those little eyes.

“When you tell a story, she doesn’t understand, but she loves you anyway”

“My cat died a few weeks ago and now my dog ​​sleeps next to his old bed, sometimes even whimpers. Does she miss it or is it all in my head?’

“Good place to sleep!”

Old habits never change

“My puppy meets my grandparents for the first time”

“If you don’t give him food right away, he tries to bribe you with toys.”

“Retired, but not without adventure”

“There’s nothing like the love of a dog”

“Jack likes a pat on the head”

“I wanted to take a picture of my dog ​​to see how he looks at me when he thinks I’m not looking at him”

“My dog ​​just brought me this little stick and is very proud”

“After 27 days in the hospital and after learning to walk again, I was finally able to take my dog ​​for a walk in the park again”

“The separation was hard for them when my daughter started university. Luckily the campus is an hour away from home and I was able to take Gus to visit.”

“Sometimes a hug is all we need”

“The best photo of my dogs I will ever take”

“Hig will sit at the back door and howl until I open it and pet him. He’s not my dog, by the way.”

“My dog ​​was very tired but still had to take me to the toilet in the middle of the night”

such as the arrival of pet change your life? Share your stories and pictures with him with us in the comments section.

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