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180 companies have been suspended by Senacon from conducting telemarketing

One hundred and eighty companies were suspended from conducting active telemarketing as of this Monday the 18th, due to abusive practices in this type of customer contact. The measure is part of an initiative coordinated by the Ministry of Justice and Public Safety by the National Consumer Secretariat (Senacon) in partnership with Procons distributed throughout the country. The decision was taken from the registration of 14,547 complaints made to the National Information System for Consumer Protection (Sindec) and to the portal in the last three years.

The precautionary measure affects not only telemarketing operators operating throughout Brazil, but also those operating specifically in certain states or municipalities. The action was also applied to telecommunications companies and banks as they are the main segments in complaints about unwanted telemarketing calls.

Among the telecommunications companies and institutions notified are: Algar Telecom, Claro, Telefônica Brasil (Vivo), TIM, TelComp (Brazilian Association of Competitive Telecommunications Service Providers) and Conexis (National Union of Cellphones and Sons).

And, among the banks, are: Banco do Brasil, Pan, C6 Bank, Caixa Econômica Federal, Bradesco, Santander, among others.

It is worth noting that Senacon suspended the activities of these companies because they did not have the consumer’s prior authorization to make the calls or because they were using an illegal database.

Processes have already started to be initiated by Senacon and Procons. Companies are subject to daily fines of BRL 1,000, which can amount to BRL 13 million per company.

It is up to Procons to encourage companies operating in the region, which, led by Senacon, are implementing the precautionary measure.

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Anatel strives to reduce abusive telemarketing practices with several measures. In March of this year, the agency issued a rule requiring the use of the 0303 prefix for telemarketing calls that use cell phone numbers to make these calls.

The purpose of this rule is to provide consumers who do not want to receive calls from a particular company engaged in active telemarketing to block directly on their cell phone. Spam calls were one of the top complaints at the agency.

In late June, the same agency announced an order to block companies that use bots for mass calls and hang up as soon as the call is answered. The measure was considered by the agency to be the toughest in history and provides for fines of up to R$ 50 million for those who violate the rules.

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