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19 people spent their hard earned money on a purchase and were actually just disappointed / unbelievable

When shopping online, buyers often encounter unpleasant surprises. However, you should remember that you can catch a cold when shopping in a physical store. Anything can happen: the packer makes a mistake, the system crashes or the supplier messes up. Some people couldn’t keep quiet and shared their frustrations with their purchases.

“Since when did women’s jeans not have pockets?”

I just unpacked the ‘new’ memory foam mattress I bought this morning.

“This is how my shoes arrived”

  • Not only are they folded in half, they are also dirty. If I were you, I’d be furious. © joeyg334 / Reddit

“I bought a new smartphone with a paper sticker”

“I think I bought a patterned tablecloth. I was very wrong”

“I was so excited when I bought a whole package of bacon and it turned out to be 80% fat”

“My favorite jeans became too big, so I bought another one that was a size smaller. I didn’t get what I expected. It’s the same brand and the same style”

“I’m furious that I can’t wear either pair of pants.”

“I bought cosmetics. I opened it and saw that someone had put their finger in the tray.”

“I bought a new chalk box but one is missing. What a disappointment”

“I ordered a model train and it arrived broken with dog hair in the box”

“I bought new sneakers today. I tried them on in the store, everything was fine. I decided to try them on at home in the evening, and a surprise awaited me.”

  • Apparently you tried on several sizes so they gave you one shoe in each size. © DLoIsHere / Reddit

“I bought a pair of boxing gloves. Turns out they’re both for the right hand.”

“I received new, closed headphones, and the box was empty. Neither the manufacturer nor the store wants to offer me a refund.”

“I ordered two monitors for video games and this arrived, whatever it is…”

“I ordered a waterproof cell phone case. The seller stapled the label to the case itself.”

“Here’s a ‘vinyl record’ I ordered a few months ago”

“We got a new sofa today. I don’t know who else would order such a piece of furniture but us”

“The shop said we had only ordered these pieces. Upon further analysis, they discovered they had accidentally left out another piece that will arrive here tomorrow afternoon.”

“That’s how the instructions came for the new chlorine dispenser in the pool. I don’t know what I’m doing with the video tape.”

“We bought two lamps for the nursery and got a pile of porcelain chips and a dog vest”

  • If they had put everything in the same box, at least the dog’s vest would have protected the lights. © pappabosley / Reddit

Do you have stories of unpleasant surprises when you receive a product?

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