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19 People Who Have Already Got Into The Christmas Rush And Started Unique Celebrations / Unbelievable

December has arrived and we already see Christmas decorations practically everywhere, which bring the atmosphere of socializing, exchanging gifts and Christmas food. And the protagonists of our today’s article did not waste time: while some have already thought of unusual and different gifts for their friends and family, others have decorated every corner of the house with Christmas atmosphere, reminding that the holiday is over. of the year are practically “at the door”.

“My wife decorated the house for Christmas earlier this year”

“The first Christmas after more than a decade without a home”

“My daughter’s boyfriend just showed me what his Christmas present for her is going to be.”

“I just wanted to share this ugly sweater I bought to go to a party.”

“I made my usual Christmas tree a version of Vila dos Whos”

“I have a huge family and I have to save this year. So I made a gift of each Chinese zodiac animal corresponding to the year of birth.”

“A little early, but the Christmas decorations are on”

“Luna’s first experience with a Christmas tree”

“My Christmas decoration inspired by the movie They forgot about me🇧🇷

“Bitty wishes you a Merry Christmas”

“I don’t have a very big apartment, but I always find enough space for Christmas decorations”

“My cat has the best chair in the house”

“My 12-year-old daughter loves Christmas. He didn’t want to spend money on a countdown calendar, so he made his own.”

“52 Days to Christmas”

“Is it normal for a cat to eat a Christmas tree?”

“This seven-foot shark is my only backyard Christmas decoration this year.”

“My daughter had a hysterectomy. I knitted this as a Christmas present for her (who has a quirky sense of humor!)”

“We let our son choose an ornament for the top of the Christmas tree this year…”

“The Christmas village on the bookshelf is ready! Merry Christmas!”

“I’m a pastry chef and I wanted to present my choices for this year’s Christmas menu!”

How do you usually decorate your home for Christmas? Do you have any special traditions that your family follows? Let us know in the comments section.

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