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19 People Who Mastered The Art Of The Antimonotonous Life / Unbelievable

When we really attend to the moments that life throws our way, even the simplest situations can become big events. The protagonists of today’s article know this very well and have found a way to face everyday life with a good dose of humor. Check out the pictures below and get ready to do the same with your routine.

1. “My friend was at the beach and for fun decided to get a henna tattoo on his mustache”

“The girl was a foreigner and because she didn’t understand, he asked her to write down what she wanted to tattoo.”

2. “First bath in almost 35 years. Did I do something wrong?”

3. “I need an honest opinion on the portrait I made from my sketch. This is the first time I draw a drawing of my nephew”

4. “Okay, who did this and who is Karl?”

“I love Karli’s mother”

5. “My boyfriend said he needed a watch, so I sent him this”

6. “I went to Taco Bell. And I own a label company.”

7. “I saw this last night after taking the picture. Now I think I’m being chased by plastic skeletons…”

8. “I saw this nice boy at Costco today”

9. “I saw this crack at Home Depot and I couldn’t resist, I had to pose like a superhero”

10. “Even the Predator has a commute every morning…”

11. “Walk on Fire Country Version”

12. “There are two kinds of people…”

13. “We call this game risky Jenga”

14. “And this car is covered in coins”

15. “When your husband decides to play with your hairbrush…”

16. “The time Jason Momoa and my husband had a great idea. I haven’t washed my hair in two years!”

17. “I found this dog abandoned in the middle of the street. He won’t leave my chickens alone.”

18. “I don’t need protection, I wear a cap”

19. What can eyeliner do…

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