2-year-old Brazilian prodigy reads alphabet, does math and knows 135 flags

See if you’re not a Brazilian prodigy. At 2 years and 5 months old, little Davi Oliveira Duarte knows 135 country flags, does math and reads the entire alphabet. Genius? Super gifted? Everything points to it, yes, but only tests and specialists can confirm.

Until then, the boy surprises. The child attends a municipal kindergarten in the Rádio Clube neighborhood of Santos, on the coast of São Paulo, and he taught himself through educational videos on YouTube.

The boy is a prodigy. In a video shared online by the child’s father, Alexander Baptista, the boy can be seen naming several country flags when asked by his father.

The child also reads all the letters of the alphabet. Details in English and Portuguese. Details: Davey is a child like everyone else, he smiles, although he trades the pool and the playground for books. According to the parents, the difficulty is to play him. The boy is impressive.


Alexander Baptista explains that his son started watching educational videos on YouTube early, when he was only 1 year and 8 months old. “We were scared because we didn’t expect him to learn on his own,” the father said of his son learning the entire alphabet.

Devi’s parents noted that they have already noticed that their son is able to memorize information easily. Since the alphabet was not enough for the child, he even learned to count. Someone for this guy, folks!

“Since I saw that he was very easy, I started giving him more information,” said the father. Noting that his son had very advanced skills, Alexander decided to start teaching him the names of the flags, and it worked.

“I teach the flag section and today she knows the flags of more than 135 countries,” said Devi’s father proudly.

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Play, David, play!

The biggest challenge for a boy’s parents is getting the child to play. If you let the child study all day.

Seeking a better education for Davey, the parents are now hoping for a scholarship to a private school. “I have limitations, I teach a few things, but a qualified teacher will teach much more,” Alexander said.

The child was consulted by a neuropediatrician, who explained that Davey has a different and more advanced brain development for his age.

But it is still not possible to confirm that little Devi has high abilities, who was previously called a gifted person, because according to experts, he should be a little older to pass specific tests.

The parents of Devi, the Brazilian prodigy, are extremely proud of their son, but they have one request: play more, Devi! Photo: Personal Archive/@davi.oliveiraduarte.

With information from Jornal de Brasilia

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