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20 gifts that EVERY woman wants to receive at least once in her life!

There is no woman (or man) who does not like to receive a gift. It may be something very fancy or a souvenir, but the fact is that the gesture of buying something with or without cause for celebrationbreaks everyone’s hearts.

20 gift tips to surprise a woman!

Are you in doubt? Then check out our list of 20 gifts for women!

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1. A precious stone

It might not be a diamond, huh jewel always makes women’s eyes sparkle! There are so many options for rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets that are unmistakable gifts for women. Obviously, the engagement ring is the top piece of jewelry!

2. Your favorite food

If you are undecided and have a list of gift suggestions for your wife, bet on the power of food. Nothing is more romantic than putting a towel on the lawn and making a picnic outdoor! Even better if you serve favorite food to your beloved! If you don’t trust your culinary skills, no problem! You can buy something ready-made that she likes. The gesture will forever be remembered with much love and affection!

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Photo: Sweets and sweets

3. A love letter

Believe it or not, this is one of the best gifts for women! Follow your heart and write down everything you feel. If you don’t consider yourself to be a great poet, you can look to the poems for inspiration and reproduce them, obviously citing the author! The effect will be the same!

4. A room full of balloons

it seems a scene from a teen movie and that’s exactly the point! Prepare a surprise and fill her room with balloons! With so many options for gifts for women, she will be amazed. Log in together and start playing to burst! It will remain forever in her memory!

5. Romantic weekend

Prepare yourself for a romantic weekend in a place that is new for both of you and enjoy every second! This is one of the best gifts for women

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6. Album with photos and memories

Anything that is handmade has added value in the list of gifts for women. prepare a an album of photos and memories of several things that you lived together: travel tickets, movie tickets, a napkin at your favorite restaurant… These are memories that only increase your love and complicity!

7. Messages in the house

What better way to wake up than reading a romantic note on the bathroom mirror or notes around the house? This is something super easy to do, doesn’t take much time, and really is a detail that can be amazing at any time. A very easy way to get a smile out of her!

8. Women’s underwear

There are gifts for women and there are gifts for couples! In this case, both are happy. Choose a very sexy lingerie set and prepare an unforgettable evening for two!

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9. Your favorite perfume

Don’t wait for her to ask… when you notice that favorite perfume hers is about to end, buy another one! This small gesture of love will surprise her. She will surely love the scent and love you even more for your concern!

10. Personalized book

What more amazing gift than a book about the story of the two of you? A text and photo souvenir that tells how they met, how their love began and how their relationship grew. There are already some publishing houses that work with personalization of books and offer the opportunity to immortalize the best moments for two.

To preservepersonalized book

Photo: Your story in a personalized book

11. One day spa

This is the little gift that she will enjoy the most on her own! Give her a day like a queen by taking care of her skin, hair, nails and relaxing! No doubt she deserves to be very pleased with your care.

12. Tickets to that concert she’s been dying to go to

If your girlfriend or wife has been waiting a whole year for the concert of their favorite band, don’t hesitate, here is your chance! Surprise your sweetheart with two tickets so she can enjoy this moment with whoever she wants. They will definitely choose you!

13. Breakfast in bed

This is the champion of gifts for women! There isn’t a person who doesn’t love to be pampered with a beautiful breakfast tray in bed. Perfect for starting the day off right!

14. One night at the hotel

Why leave the city if just staying in a hotel takes you to another world? A change of scenery, even for a few hours, will make your loved one very calm and happy!

15. Venice

The city of love. Undoubtedly! If you are planning a romantic trip, you can bet on this destination. There is no mistake and it is a classic gift for women.

16. Balloon ride

Have you ever thought of such an adventure! Neither does she! Therefore, a balloon ride is not only super original, but also beautiful for a couple! It’s an adventure without the risks of an extreme sport and it will stay in your memory forever!

To preserveThe bride and groom are flying in a balloon

Photo: LoveShake

17. Elegant dress

Fashion can come up with different gifts for women. There are several dresses, but this one model designed by a top stylist it’s exclusive! And that detail makes all the difference!

18. Pet

If you like animals and have already commented on the possibility of having one, this could be the best gift! Imagine this cute puppy with ribbon? Guaranteed success!

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19. extreme sport

If your date is more daring and would like to do something riskier than a hot air balloon ride, this might be a good opportunity to surprise her! Fly by motorbike, hang-glider or skydive… the limit is as far as your courage goes!

20. Dinner for two

It is an impeccable classic on the gift list for women! Everything is allowed: a romantic dinner at home with candles and fine wine or a restaurant reservation very cool!

They are for women small details it really matters. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy to make history. Just do it with love and lots of love! She will thank you and love you madly!

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