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20 Movie Pairs That Have Nothing in Common Except Their Synopsis / Unbelievable

Have you ever watched a movie and felt like you’ve seen that story before? That’s normal, as more than 700 films are released each year in the US and Canada alone. So if we take a movie script and simplify it a lot, it’s almost certain that we’ll find another one like it. That’s what you’ll see in this article, a pair of movies that have at least basically the same synopsis, even though the movies are very different.

1. An overprotective father goes through many dangers to save his son (or daughter)

2. An old-fashioned man discovers that he is very good at cutting hair

3. Because of past events, he hates the anniversary and wants to keep other people away

4. To avoid eviction, the group sets out to find the amount for the mortgage and takes part in an adventure against wanted bandits.

5. A wealthy and arrogant man has an accident, seeks treatment in the East and uses his genius to become a hero.

6. The heir of a noble family who quarrels with his brother about the succession to the throne

7. A man joins the natives of a newly discovered land, learns their ways, falls in love with one of them, and fights on his side against those who want to exploit the natural resources.

8. An agent who investigates a case in a non-human world he doesn’t trust and discovers that a plot has been orchestrated by one of them to destroy them.

9. A young man wanted to win a car as a gift, but ends up getting an alien

10. One of the last beings on earth finds a spaceship and makes a discovery that puts the fate of humanity in his hands

11. An unwanted pregnancy leads to some very tense situations

12. Christian Bale’s character is a very wealthy, intelligent and athletic man with a secret alter ego who only reveals himself at night to commit violent acts.

13. The evil father does everything he can to convince his son to stand by him in his plan to rule

14. An evil old man, unused to change, approaches an Asian neighbor and learns to overcome the trauma of his wife’s death.

15. He was just an ordinary guy with an ordinary job, but finds out that he is “The Chosen One” and that it is his destiny to save everyone

16. A young girl who is mistreated by her parents discovers that she has the power to change things at will and decides to change her situation

17. A person who starts having problems in life and relationships when his alter ego starts to stand out too much

18. There is a clown in town, but no one laughs

19. The main character sets traps in his house to catch the villains

20. Leonardo DiCaprio’s character is a young man who lives a forbidden love and dies shortly after

Of course, this is just a joke, we don’t mean that movies plagiarize each other, but it’s funny, isn’t it? And you, Do you know a movie, series or novel that is very similar to another?

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