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20 people who just wanted a snapshot, but something got in the way / unbelievable

Almost every family has that “pavê”-spirited member: he still jokes and laughs at himself, teases everyone and is a collision of pictures. We have no doubt that these people are well-loved, as they are usually in a good mood and bring joy wherever they go. That’s why we’ve put together a few tricks that made your photos even better. Check it out!

Literally: a hero without a cape

Would someone take a picture of me too?

Hello people 😏

Oh man, sorry. I’m already getting ready for the wedding, thanks!

“I was taking a picture of my girlfriend when suddenly”

What is it??

“A complete stranger messed up our photos and it was hilarious”

Do you want more chance than Christ in Christ?

Loved ones? Let’s keep the class, please

“Trying to find my friend in this official photo from the conference we’re helping”

Colleague, keep it there, please

“One of my most magical moments photographing my family”

I doubt you could get a picture of the bird if you tried.

“My fiance and I are having a snack on the street”

Hey girls 😏

Of course I don’t give the couple privacy

“My daughter asked her father to appear in my photo where he is posing. Now he’s convinced that he’s a real superhero.”

I can’t believe well married is over😭

Let me appear too

Like it or not, this picture is in a group

Is there a “pavê” spirit in your family? Have you ever been in a funny situation? Share your story with us in the comments. 😉

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