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20 Proofs That Patience Is The Basic Material Of Home Renovation / Unbelievable

Buying a used property can offer a few little surprises: unseen leaks, repairable walls, wiring, and even “secret” spots. However, don’t be fooled into thinking that problems only happen in old properties. We differentiated between situations where people just wanted a moment of peace, but the reform took away that possibility. Check it out!

“I couldn’t understand why there was so much water leaking from the back of the washing machine when it was running. Seriously, who did this? A coaxial cable (a cable for transmitting TV and Internet signals) went through the drain pipe.”

Every painter’s despair

“We found the safe behind a fake electrical outlet in our new home”

“Ducks walk through ready-made concrete”

Is the hole better or these slanted bricks?

“I just renovated my friend’s kitchen”

“My father is not very good at renovating, so I turned his work into a work of art”

“What happens when you do construction work and remove a retaining wall”

“Owners, please don’t paint over the cockroaches”

“My wife told me to measure the door, I told her that all doors were the same size”

“We found a locked safe on the floor during the renovation of our old house”

“The paint I ordered this morning was delivered earlier than expected. And the driver was still annoyed that I refused to accept the product”

“I went to get the stairs and forgot that the paint was on”

“Fixed a leak in the bathroom. Made two trips, worked with a hernia, had a headache putting in the wax ring and screws… until I realized I installed the toilet and forgot the door. I’m a fool”

“Lokoni mends his tent”

“My parents renovate their house during the holidays. This is a must-have Christmas tree”

“The toilet lid broke, so the owner sent us a new one. But he ignored our requests to be square.”

“I wasn’t very confident about the work I did at my mom’s place, so like good old MacGyver, I got away with it when the plumber didn’t show up.”

“I wanted to save money by fixing the microwave myself. It slipped out of my hands and broke the glass lid of the oven.”

“The bathroom renovation is complete, but I forgot to buy the faucet. So they improvised from pieces of pipe. Works perfectly”

What was the most unusual renovation or hack you’ve ever seen? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. 😉

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