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20 situations in which animals get up and act as if nothing happened / Amazing

Our pets are experts at making us laugh. One of their most common gestures is to take our things without permission, such as our bed, food and even the belongings of their own furry brothers and sisters. But what to do in these cases? Nothing, just fall in love with the charm of these beautiful “criminals”. Some users were lucky enough to capture the exact moment of these fraudulent acts and share it to brighten everyone’s day.

1. “After he stole my chair, he still had the nerve to yell at me”

2. We don’t blame him, who can resist garlic bread?

3. “The kids left the pantry open and my 15 year old Deaf Cocker Spaniel thought he got away with stealing the fries… I was right behind him and his frustration was palpable! I love that old man!”

4. Caught in the act!

5. “I can tell my cats turned my gaming chair into a scratching post”

6. “My best cleaning helper after baby is done eating”

7. Apparently someone has a thing for office supplies

8. If I close my eyes, no one will notice what I’m stealing

9. “This kitty steals my place in bed or mine A mouse

10. This little guy wasn’t content with just the chair, he also brought his favorite company

11. “It’s my bed thieves, it’s an invasion”

12. “Our friendly magpies visit us every morning. Today he showed up with a mouth full of bugs🥺. He comes over, sits with me and steals bits of our dogs’ food ❤️”

13. “When Your Brother Steals the Best Seat”

14. Did you think the box was yours? It is very wrong

15. The Little Lettuce Thief

16. “He looks sorry for stealing the cat’s treats, but he’s not”

17. “My Baby When I Caught Him Stealing a Bagel”

18. “This is the face of a thief”

19. “I wanted to take a break from all the hard work, but it looks like it won’t be possible…”

20. “Grumpy Betty hates her diet and has no regrets about stealing some of Mia’s food”

What was the biggest prank you pulled as a kid? What about your pets?

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