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2022 in review, part 2

Lozene Keita Credit: Oktagon MMA

For the first time, we’re awarding the year-end award to the best MMA prospects, giving credit to fighters in the region. These awards will highlight potential customers who are giving their time and bodies to be ready in 2022.

In part two, we are awarding the best representatives from each continent. These are the titles we feel have the best years from all over the world.

North American Prospect of the Year: Austin Bashi (8-0)

for North America There’s no doubt that Austin Bashi will be featured. He started the year winning the Shamrock FC championship and ended the year winning the Lights Out Championship and winning a bout in between, beating Chris San Jose, Erion Zekthi and Joe Penafiel all in One year is pretty good for small regional tournaments. The only downfall is the lack of battle/revealing footage, but the resume has been made. Not a bad year for the 21-year-old young fighter.

South American Prospect of the Year: Bruno Lopes (11-0)

This is the second award Lopes has received in this three-part series. as stated in part one The light heavyweights have had better years than the heavyweights, but for me, Bruno Lopes is the clear winner of them all. This year he went 3-0, making his LFA debut 2. -0 Lopes is getting the biggest win of his career after winning the vacant LFA 205pound title in September. Lopes was out of action for six years until making a comeback last year. And tears have flowed since then. Years ago, Lopes fought at the welterweight division and became the Jungle Fight Champion. Lopes may have already signed a contract for promotion. but we still don’t know Either way It shouldn’t be long before he hits the big leagues.

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