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22 People Who Want Technology What Water Is To Oil / Unbelievable

Today, most people’s homes are full of modern appliances and electronic devices. But there are people who see such devices as pieces of metal and plastic without a soul and treat them accordingly. Therefore, it is not surprising that the devices of these individuals become real victims, and they are forced to endure all kinds of mistreatment.

1. Something really scary

2. It looks like this macbook he has airbags

3. “Yes, It’s Honey”

4. “My notebook does not work”

5. “My grandmother’s TV after the cleaner used a mysterious liquid”

6. “I drove over an hour for this”

7. The weight of the world’s most expensive door

8. “My mom said she got a shock once when she called”

9. “The way the monitor was attached to the wall” 😖

10. “Does anyone know where I can find a router like this?”

11. “How much would it cost to fix it?”

12. “My mom’s college laptop. It still works, and she finished the semester with him. He refuses to dispose of or repair the device.”

13. “I no longer let cats wear a tuner to keep warm”

14. “A small home appliance in my work kitchen. FAT”

15. “Note to Order Note: Computer Won’t Start or Start”

16. “I’m afraid to even know what’s inside”

17.”Chromebooknow on the site”

18. “There’s nothing like going to the workplace and seeing this”

19. “I heard that finding magazines on a mobile phone is a sign of good luck”

20. “The customer brought me a macBook air with this cable. God, I was even surprised he didn’t set the house on fire.”

21. “I traveled a thousand miles to fix five new office computers that were slow for some strange reason. The whys and wherefores:”

22. “The warranty is still valid, right?”

Do you have a relative who mistreats their electronics? What do you think about it?

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