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23 times nature has shown its power and gifted us with works of art / Incredible

For us humans, appreciating the beauty around us is something that is in our nature. This explains why so many people flock to museums to see works of art created by other hands. However, sometimes we forget that our mother nature is the best artist. His effortless creations can take our breath away the moment we stop to admire them. It never hurts to slow down the rhythm of our daily life to appreciate life like this, in nature and without facades.

1. “I came for the redwoods, but I stayed for the light show”

2. “A few days ago a storm knocked over a chrysalis that looked like it was studded with diamonds. I took her home to keep and she hatched!”

3. “What a way to light a Christmas tree!”

4. “Saw a rare Oreo colored duck in Germany”

5. “Two unique species in one picture. Lion Peacock and Mutation”

6. “Winter in Minnesota, USA”

7. “It’s just a glove. You can go your own way’

8. “I saw this lobster in shades of dark blue with white spots in Thailand”

9. “The contrast between the snow and the flowers in my garden”

10. “Eclipse of the blood moon over the vale of Aridain. La Palma, Canary Islands, 2022.’

11. “Glowing Alligator Eyes in Everglades National Park”

12. “At -45 degrees Celsius”

13. “I Recorded This Weird Triple Rainbow in Alaska, USA”

14. “This lion cub was roaring at my remote camera”

15. “The gradient colors of the trunk of this pine tree”

16. “The Silhouette of the Sun”

17. “This flower got stuck in a layer of ice”

18. “The Shadow Cast by This Tree”

19. “When Snow Looks Like Flower Petals”

20. “I found this red and black snail”

21. “It’s quite possible that I’ll never see anything like this again in my life”

22. Baby bunny

23. Heart muzzle

What do you usually do to enjoy the wonders nature has to offer? Have you ever taken a landscape photo that made you ooze pride?

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