3 decorating styles that are trending in 2022

The idea of ​​maintaining a pleasant and harmonious aesthetic in the home itself is what makes people look for the most popular decorating styles in 2022. In general, these models follow the trends established by interior design professionals and informants. sector, whether national or international.

Therefore, websites and magazines always bring several options for those who want to follow the fashion. In this way, leave the habitable residence. Even, contrary to the opinion of many, it is not worth spending fortunes to achieve these goals.

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In this regard, it is important to stay current and choose what best suits your personality. Therefore, take into account the personal preferences and peculiarities that are dear to you. Additionally, the structure of the home itself can serve as a guide, as certain items may be easier or harder to adapt to the existing style.

With this, attention should be paid to building materials, previous colors, arrangement of built-in furniture, windows, etc. Each of these components has the potential to determine which growing decorative styles will be most suitable.

That’s why we’ve selected 3 perfect options with unique features to help you make the best decision to make your home more comfortable. The fashion of choice in 2022 is retro, rustic and modern, all contrasting with each other. Now check the details about each style.

3 decorating styles that are on the rise in 2022. Photo: Canva Pro


Unlike vintage, which uses original and heirloom pieces, usually from relatives, retro includes items that are simply inspired by what was made in the past. As a rule, this makes construction cheaper. Because you can use, for example, any furniture and customize them in a typical way.

Thus, it is possible to look for references from the decades before the 2000s and in this way select elements that are in harmony with what is happening now. By the way, as an example, we have frames that can fit a slightly more modern bed, obviously, with its retro differentials.

In addition, it is ideal to match pictures with pastel shades, preferably lighter and neutral colors. The lamps, in turn, should be of yellowish and darker materials. Counting also with chandelier candles to accompany the decorating details of this style that is currently on the rise in 2022.


A rustic profile is one that is most connected to nature and appreciates the ingredients and colors of this place. With a preference, for example, for variations in shades of green, brown, straw, etc. As a result, several items become more handcrafted or inherited from the family, retaining their own history.

Due to this, the most used material for the production of local aesthetics is, in fact, wood. Because it is the one that comes closest to the natural, without going through the processes of chemical changes, as, for example, happens in the case of iron and steel. So, in this scenario, the place will be in line with this style, which is so high this year and will have a positive effect on everyday life.

However, it is interesting that the outdoor space fits this chosen model, as the environment with trees, bushes and flowers creates a better local harmony. Finally, know that a home doesn’t have to be in a more rural location. In other words, you can have a stylish mix with an urban one.


Finally, considering that we live in a time that also tends to value the present, the modern model could not be absent from this list. This style of decoration, which has a high value for functionality. Therefore, it gives priority to those components that contain practicality.

Therefore, as a rule, furniture is available and objects are arranged in a way that enhances this same character. In this case, the aesthetic content can be more minimalist or rely on environments with more spaces. Therefore, they cause a feeling of greater amplitude.

In addition, here the colors can be more varied, the brightest colors being the preference of the time. When it comes to lighting, the yellow color can be ignored, and LED lamps should enter the scene, precisely because they provide a feeling of spaciousness.

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