3 market leaders on the “50 Women of Influence in Latin America” ​​list

Of the names selected by Bloomberg, 19 are Brazilian, and three work in agencies, advertisers and social networks.

Bloomberg has recognized the 50 women who, according to the publication, have influence in the region in their respective fields of activity. Among those chosen are three names in the market: Gabriela Comazzetto (TikTok), Marcia Estevez (Lew’LaraTBWA) and Paula Lindenberg (Diageo).

The 2023 edition of the list of 50 Women of Influence in Latin America in 2023 highlighted women from 12 countries such as Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico and more.

19 of the 50 names selected are from Brazilian leaders. In addition to the three mentioned above, there are Ana Cabral-Gardner, Anita, Carol Bassi, Carolina Cavenaghi, Christina Betts, Flavia Almeida, Laiz Carvalho, Lydian Jones, Mariana Oiticica, Raisa Leal, Sabrina Sato, Sara Delfime, Sylvia Coutinho, Taís Araujo, Tarciana Medeiros and Virginia Fonseca.

Marcia Estevez (Lew’LaraTBWA), Gabriela Comazzetto (TikTok) and Paula Lindenberg (Diageo)

In its second edition in 2023. The 50 Women of Influence in Latin America list recognizes women in finance and technology, as well as executives, digital influencers, athletes and others.

The selection of the names, made by a team of Bloomberg Línea journalists, takes into account three main points: leadership, financial impact and social impact.

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