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35 years after “Dirty Dancing,” Jennifer Gray is returning to the spotlight after forgiving herself for the mistake that ruined her career.

For decades, many people have chosen to go under the knife to meet beauty standards. However, the results obtained are not always what was expected, and actress Jennifer Gray knows this well. Today, the 62-year-old star has spoken openly about the “hellish” procedure she underwent, which affected her long-running career. On the other hand, he has shown that it is always possible to move forward and see the positive side of things.

He listened to his mother’s advice to cut his nose


As the daughter of an Oscar-winning actor and singer-actress, Jennifer Gray has always been familiar with the film industry and decided to follow in her parents’ footsteps growing up. But Jo Wilder, mother of the aspiring actress, suggested that the young woman should get a nose job if she wanted to build a career and always stay in the spotlight.

Gray remembers her mother’s advice: “It’s hard to choose you [em um teste]. Make things easier for them.” And although she was shocked by her mother’s words at the time, now the famous admits: “She loves me, she always has. And she was always very pragmatic.”

Eventually, both she and her mother got nose jobs, keeping in mind what it took to make it in Hollywood. However, young Gray initially resisted the idea of ​​surgery, explaining: “I was totally against rhinoplasty”.

Great reputation and then disappointment

What the main character of our article did not know at the time was that fame was just around the corner, waiting for a big change in his life. However, the fact is that at the age of 27, Gray rose to global success when he was cast in one of the lead roles in the iconic film. Dirty Dancing – Hot Rhythm, since 1987. AND appeared on screen as “Baby” Houseman, a young woman who falls in love with her dance teacher, played by Patrick Swayze.

But while Gray had lived the stage as Hollywood’s biggest star thanks to the film’s huge success, her career didn’t take off as many expected.

becoming unrecognizable

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It was then that Gray finally agreed to the idea of ​​a nose job. He had his first surgery soon after. Dirty Dancing – Hot Rhythm, followed by another rhinoplasty performed shortly thereafter. But the actor says that this decision had a transformative effect on him.

According to Grey, her face changed so much after the second procedure that actor Michael Douglas didn’t recognize her during the film’s launch event. The actor realized that the irreversible effects of the change would affect his future. He said: “And then it turned into the idea of ​​being completely invisible overnight. In the eyes of the world, I wasn’t me anymore.”

His career was also affected.

After the operations, the actress spent a lot of time regretting her decision, which the artist himself classified as “a hellish nose job”. He believes that losing his signature nose in its original form has affected his career and prevented him from becoming a more successful professional. The celebrity spoke openly about the subject: “I walked into the operating room as a celebrity and left anonymous.”

After that, Gray appeared in small TV shows such as friends and Casa, Laras well as in TV movies, if A defenseless death and The eyes of the witness. In 2010, success knocked on the artist’s door again when he won the competition. Dancing with the stars.

Today, she’s accomplished and rocking

Today, at the age of 62, the actor is more comfortable in his own skin than ever before. He said, “I’ve never felt the same way as I have lately.” He said very positively: “I believe with all my heart that the second half of a woman’s life is the better half.” Truth be told, Gray is always busy lately and rocks wherever he goes. He has written a memoir and is even preparing a sequel. Dirty Dancing – Hot Rhythm, 35 years since the release of the feature that made him famous worldwide.

In addition, he now has inner peace after reflecting on his own past decisions and the reasons why he was kept out of the Hollywood industry. The actor revealed, “I spent too much energy thinking about what I had done wrong, why I was kicked out of that world.” And he added: “That’s a lie. I expelled myself.”

What do you think of Jennifer Grey’s story? Would you make plastic? If so, what kind of experiences did you have after the procedure?

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