‘365 Days’ author criticizes ’50 Shades of Grey’, talks sex taboos and details new book

Blanka Lipińska also spoke about the choice of protagonists for the films based on her erotic trilogy and her personal experiences present in the books.

Discovery / Buzz PublisherBlanka Lipińska with the book 365 days in hand
Blanka Lipińska, author of ‘365 Dias’, came to Brazil to participate in the Book Biennale

Author of the most popular erotic novel of our time, Blanka Lipinska won fans around the world by talking openly about sex in her books. trilogy”365 days” conquered so many readers that it has already earned two movies that are available Netflix and a third feature based on the books has already been confirmed. Although the works fall into the same genre as “50 shades of grey”, Blanka denied that he was inspired by the EL James saga. “I don’t think “50 Shades of Grey” is good, when I read it I thought “how old is this author?”, because in my opinion very teenage language is used. I don’t know if it’s like that in the original book, not even in English,” said Blanka, who is Polish, in an interview for. New pan. The author also disliked the film adaptation of the story, as she was disappointed to see the actor. Jamie Dornan in the role of the mysterious Christian Grey.

“O Christian Gray it is tall, strong and full of presence. I found the actor small and laughing all the time. I said, ‘What’s going on in this movie?’ This made me pay attention to the choice of actor to play Massimo. I didn’t want the readers to be disappointed”, commented the author of “365 days”. In the film inspired by the work of the Pole, the actor Michele Morrone he is the one who gives life to the mobster MASSalready Anna-Maria Sieklucka takes on the role of sales director Laura. Both delighted audiences, and once the first movie debuted on Netflix, they gained millions of followers. Another problem seen by Blanka in the adaptation of “50 Shades of Grey” are the erotic scenes, which, according to her, are weak. Very present in her books, the topic of sex is not seen as a taboo for the author.

The scene of 365 days

‘365 Days’ stars Michele Morrone and Anna-Maria Sieklucka – Photo: Reproduction/Netflix

“I think people don’t talk openly about sex because it’s a very personal matter. I believe there is the same problem with talking about money but we like to talk about good things and sex is a good thing, money can be a good thing and being proud of you is a good thing . In my country, for example, if you say you’re proud of yourself, you’re rude, like you have a big ego,” said Blanka, who often thinks her work is underrated because it’s an erotic novel. “There are people who question how I can make millions with a book like ‘365 Days.’ The answer is simple: it’s fun. People choose what they want to read. I don’t care about taboos because I know it’s almost impossible to get rid of them, but I hope people open their minds to accept other people’s choices. Just accept it and everything will be fine.”

Despite having to face some criticism, Blanka also gets a lot of love and felt the power of her story on her recent visit to Brazil. The author participated in Biennial of the book, in São Paulo, at the invitation of Buzz Editora, responsible for the presentation of the first two books of the “365 Days” trilogy in the country. “I still haven’t realized that I’m so popular. Maybe I’m in Poland, but I’m still a normal woman who sometimes wonders: why do these people want to take a picture with me? Why do they say they love me and that I have changed their lives? I feel like I’m just Blaka, but really, to these people, I’m me Blanka Lipinska. It is strange, but at the same time it is a great pleasure. On social networks, I get messages in Portuguese, I don’t understand (laughs), but the best fans and the biggest fan clubs I have are from Brazil,” he said.

Personal experience in books

In writing her stories, Blanka said she puts personal experiences and fantasies that she believes are not just hers, but many women’s. In the first book, as well as in the movie, Laura starts dating Martin, a character who was inspired by a ex boyfriend by the author. “The birthday scene is exactly the same as my birthday scene in Sicily,” Blanka revealed. In the plot, the protagonist is embarrassed by her then-boyfriend’s attitudes during the party. In “365 Days”, Laura is kidnapped by Massimo, who at first harbors a platonic passion and sets a period of one year for her to fall in love with him. If at that time she does not fall in love, the mobster promises to release her. “I wasn’t afraid that readers would reject Massimo for this. The focus is not the kidnapping, but her ability to fall in love with him”, said Blanka, who is already working on a new erotic novel, in which the protagonist, a writer, will fall in love with a famous guitarist of also inspired by an ex-boyfriend. “Maybe it will come out next year because everyone is charging me, even my parents,” he concluded with a laugh.

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