5 reasons to switch to Orange Flex

Are you looking for a new mobile operator? Port your number to Orange Flex – a flexible mobile network where you dictate the terms. Discover 5 reasons why you should join #generacjiflex and take advantage of one of the offers on your terms!

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Porting a number to Orange Flex – why is it worth it?

Orange Flex is an in-app mobile network that combines the advantages of a subscription and the convenience of a prepaid offer. No paperwork, visits to service showrooms or signing contracts – in Flexie, you decide everything. Why is it worth transferring a number to Orange Flex?

  1. Orange Flex – port the number on your terms

In Orange Flex you can organize everything using the app – also when you plan to transfer a number from another mobile network. You can choose the right plan comfortably and without haste, activate eSIM or top up your Flex account. All information about the current offer, discount codes and additional promotions can be found in the app. Practical, right? At Orange Flex, this does not surprise us!

  1. Flex Offer – change Mobile Plan whenever you want

In Orange Flex, you will find five flexible mobile plans, thanks to which you will benefit from unlimited access to your favorite social networks and unlimited SMS, MMS and calls. The plans vary in the number of gigabytes available per month – you can choose between 15, 30, 45, 80 and 150 GB. What’s more, You can at any time change the selected Plan for a higher or lower plan, depending on the needs. You can find everything in the “SIM cards” tab on the main screen of the Flex app.

Want to transfer your current phone number from another mobile operator? Bet on Orange Flex! Check offer details:

What awaits you after transferring your number to Flex?

In Orange Flex you will find many interesting discount codes and promotions, created for #generacjiflex members. You will encounter the first of these when you switch from another mobile operator – 3 months for 1 PLN of any mobile plan are waiting for you. Simply use a special SIEMAFLEX code before activating your account, and the promotion will be valid from the first day of membership. What awaits you after the transfer to Flex?

  1. Flex Club – a place full of great deals and discount codes

Whether your friends call you a deal hunter or you just like to save money, you’ll find great discounts on various products or services in Flex. All you have to do is join the Flex Club after registering – places filled with discount codes, thanks to which you will save when shopping. The offer includes promotions, incl. for natural cosmetics or clothing, but also for transport by car.

  1. Flex Store – new and used devices at attractive prices

When transferring your number to Orange Flex, you do not need to buy a new mobile device, but you can decide to change your current smartphone at any time. Just look at the Flex Store, where you’ll find cheap factory-packed phones, but also refurbished used copies. When you visit the Flex store, don’t forget about the periodic promotions – Deal of the Month, Flexie by Night or Flex Hours!

  1. “Recommend and Earn” promotion – earn after switching to Flex

In Orange Flex, you can save, but also… earn! How? By using the “Recommend and Earn” promotion. All you have to do is send the referral code to your friend and they’ll be on Flex for over a month. After this time, your account will be credited with 70 PLN and the invited person will receive 30 PLN. You can use the funds collected to buy another mobile plan or for in-app purchases.

Consult the Flex offer, register, transfer the number from another operator and start using a flexible mobile network without contracts or unnecessary paperwork. Choose freedom and see that with Orange Flex you decide everything yourself!

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