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50 years in prison?Ricky Martin charged with incest and domestic violence

Grammy award-winning singer Ricky Martin could face up to 50 years in prison for domestic violence against his 21-year-old nephew Dennis Yardil Sanchez and an alleged incestuous relationship with him. That’s what Puerto Rican law says about incest, according to

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Ricky Martin charging

Singer Ricky Martin, 50, has been charged with incest by his 21-year-old nephew Dennis Adil Sanchez and could face up to 50 years in prison if convicted. The Daily Mail reported that the singer was hit with a restraining order this month over domestic violence in Puerto Rico.

The publication added that the singer’s brother, Eric Martin, identified the alleged victim as the singer’s nephew, Denis Adil Sanchez.

The father of four reportedly attacked Sanchez physically and mentally during their seven-month relationship, which ended about two months ago.

Martin called the allegations “completely false and fabricated” in a statement on social media.

The star and his legal team are preparing to defend against the charges against his nephew, with a trial expected to begin on July 21 in a Puerto Rico court.

If true, Martin could face up to 50 years in prison, as Puerto Rico has stricter rules if a crime of the above nature involves a victim biologically related to the perpetrator.

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Dennis Adil Sanchez’s Background

Dennis Yadiel Sanchez is a 21-year-old man, son of the Latin singer’s sister, Vanessa Martin.

Sanchez allegedly filed a restraining order against Martin “in relation to domestic violence” nearly two weeks ago.

Sanchez also accused the Grammy-winning singer of “heavy drinking and drug use.”

Sporsteeka also reported that Martin’s legal team believed the allegations were false, as a woman also recently accused his nephew of harassment after he threatened to destroy her life.

“We are confident that our client Ricky Martin will be fully attested when the true facts of this matter come to light,” the singer’s law firm said in a statement.

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