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500 Plus for Seniors 2023 [nowy Wyższy Próg Dochodowy]

Beginning in 2019, seniors can apply for an additional benefit for people unable to support themselves, commonly known as 500 plus for seniors.

500 plus for seniors is paid monthly. However, you must meet certain requirements, including the income criterion, and submit an application. By raising the income eligibility limit to 500 plus from March 2023, the number of Eligible rise.

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Who is entitled to the 500 plus pension?

The 500plus seniors supplement can be claimed by people with disabilities, inability to live, over 75 years of age and recipients of care allowance. Another important criterion is the amount of our income.

To use 500 plus for a senior is aimed at people in need of care and is granted on application.

The application must be accompanied by a certificate of inability to live independently or a certificate of inclusion in the first group of disabled people. However, if such a decision has already been submitted to ZUS in the past, it does not have to be attached again. The senior is then referred to a ZUS assessing doctor for examination. Just the fact of receiving the care allowance that seniors over 75 are entitled to. is not a guarantee of granting 500 plus to a senior.

Income criterion in the 500 plus program for seniors

The amount of 500 plus for a senior varies in practice and depends on the level of our basic provision, such as a pension. There is an income criterion in the program. In a situation when our income exceeds the threshold set in a given year, 500 plus for seniors will be reduced according to the principle of one zloty for one zloty. So the so-called 500 plus for a senior is not always 500 PLN.

The income criterion that entitles seniors to 500 plus changes each March and is indexed by the Pension Index.

income criterion 2021

In March 2021, the income limit for the 500+ program for seniors was PLN 1,272.08 gross. Up to the gross amount of PLN 1,772.08, the amount of the additional benefit was reduced according to the PLN-for-PLN principle, beyond that PLN 500 plus was not payable.

500 plus for seniors kIncome criterion 2022

Currently, 500 plus people are available whose old-age, disability or other income does not exceed PLN 1,896.13 gross. Above this amount, 500 plus is not payable for a senior. On the other hand, people with income up to PLN 1,396.13 500 plus are granted in full. The above income criteria apply until the end of February 2023.

500 plus for seniors TABLE of earnings-related benefit amounts in 2022

Gross income through February 28, 2022 500 plus for seniors in 2022
PLN 900.00 500 PLN
PLN 1,000.00 500 PLN
1,100.00 PLN 500 PLN
PLN 1,200.00 500 PLN
PLN 1,396.13 500 PLN
PLN 1,446.13 450 PLN
PLN 1,496.13 400 PLN
PLN 1,546.13 350 PLN
PLN 1,596.13 300 PLN
PLN 1,646.13 250 PLN
PLN 1,696.13 200 PLN
PLN 1,746.13 150 PLN
PLN 1,796.13 100 zlotys
PLN 1,846.13 50 PLN
PLN 1,896.13 PLN 0

500 plus for seniors income criterion 2023

Gross income from March 1, 2023 500 plus for seniors in 2023
PLN 900.00 500 PLN
PLN 1,000.00 500 PLN
1,100.00 PLN 500 PLN
PLN 1,200.00 500 PLN
PLN 1,657.80 500 PLN
PLN 1,707.80 450 PLN
PLN 1,757.80 400 PLN
PLN 1,807.80 350 PLN
PLN 1,857.80 300 PLN
PLN 1,907.80 250 PLN
PLN 1,957.80 200 PLN
PLN 2,007.80 150 PLN
PLN 2,057.80 100 zlotys
PLN 2,107.80 50 PLN
PLN 2,157.80 PLN 0

Use 500+ for a senior application

An application for 500+ for seniors should be submitted to ZUS, KRUS, by mail or through the ZUS Electronic Services Platform. This can be done in person or through a parent or legal guardian.

You can get assistance in filling out the application at the ZUS offices in the customer service rooms and in the call center by calling 22 560 16 00.

500 plus for ZUS seniors – when will the payment be made?

The 500 plus senior supplement is granted beginning the month in which the required eligibility requirements are met.

500 plus for seniors – is that indexed?

Supplementary benefit, the so-called 500 plus for seniors, is not indexed. Therefore, the actual purchasing power of this supplement has changed since its launch in 2019. Today its value is estimated at around PLN 380.

500 plus for a senior – how many seniors get the benefit?

Almost half of the beneficiaries over 500 are seniors over 75 years of age. Almost 770,000 people are currently receiving the supplementary benefit.

Detailed information on how to fill out the application, deadlines, appeals can be found on the ZUS website here.

Sources: ZUS, Act of July 31, 2019 on supplementary benefits for dependent persons (Journal of Laws of 2021, item 1842, as amended).

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