5G Internet delayed in Poland. What happened?

5G technology allows you to achieve previously unavailable data transmission speeds. However, the 5G internet currently available in Poland is relatively slow in most cases and has slowed down in recent weeks.

5G internet speed in Poland publishes the latest ranking for mobile internet. Recently, the benchmark gives separate results for 5G technology, thanks to which we can observe what speeds it allows to achieve. Well, it turns out that with two operators, the data speed is slowing down compared to the previous month, ie. January 2023

10/2022 11/2022 12/2022 01.2023 02/2023
plus download: 139.2 Mbit/s
upload: 18.3 Mbit/s
Download: 141.6 Mbit/s
upload: 17.8 Mbit/s
download: 139.3 Mbit/s
upload: 17.8 Mbit/s
download: 137.4 Mbit/s
upload: 17.4 Mbit/s
download: 137.3 Mbit/s
upload: 17.8 Mbit/s
I play download: 72.3 Mbit/s
upload: 21.6 Mbit/s
download: 73.3 Mbit/s
upload: 21.9 Mbit/s
Download: 74 Mbps
upload: 25.9 Mbit/s
download: 71.1 Mbit/s
upload: 26.7 Mbit/s
download: 69.6 Mbit/s
upload: 26.7 Mbit/s
an orange Download: 70.3 Mbit/s
upload: 27.1 Mbit/s
download: 66 Mbit/s
upload: 25.8 Mbit/s
download: 66.7 Mbit/s
upload: 27.5 Mbit/s
download: 66.4 Mbit/s
upload: 27.6 Mbit/s
download: 66.7 Mbit/s
upload: 26.7 Mbit/s
T-Mobile Download: 66.3 Mbit/s
upload: 25.3 Mbit/s
download: 65.5 Mbit/s
upload: 23.6 Mbit/s
download: 60 Mbit/s
upload: 23.9 Mbit/s
download: 56.5 Mbit/s
upload: 22.7 Mbit/s
download: 63.6 Mbit/s
upload: 24.7 Mbit/s
The highest recorded average download speed score for each carrier is in bold.

As you can see, since the beginning of the publication of the results of the 5G Internet speed tests by, the speeds of all operators are quite similar, although the two, which from the beginning occupy the first two places in terms of upload speed, marked a decline from January 2023, while Orange and T-Mobile growth (especially large for the latter).

The results collected so far show that the peak speed for each operator has already been reached and has not yet been surpassed. It can be suspected that this is influenced by the fact that more and more people are getting access to 5G technology, and the more users use it, the more the network is congested and the data transmission speed is slower.

Average speed of 5G internet in Poland in February 2023 (photo:

Plus consistently provides the highest data download speed (heavily overestimating the average), but only downloads, because on other networks the upload speed is higher, even though 5G shares a frequency with 4G technology there. However, for now, nothing will change on this topic, only the successfully completed 5G auction in Poland and the launch of the 3.4-3.8 GHz frequency bands will bring a quality jump.

How fast is mobile internet in Poland?

Above, we presented the results only for 5G Internet, which is currently causing the most interest, primarily because of consumer expectations for it. However, also publishes a ranking for mobile Internet, taking into account the results obtained during measurements in 3G, 4G and 5G technologies. Here, the differences between operators are not so significant, although it should be noted that Plus recorded the highest download speed since March 2022 (other operators had better results in the last year).

average speed of 5G 4G 3G internet in Poland in February 2023 Plus Play Orange T-Mobile photo:
Average mobile internet speed in Poland in February 2023 (photo:

Finally, it is worth mentioning that Play is still intensively expanding and modifying its infrastructure and network of base stations. Other operators do not currently boast of this, although we remember that in the summer of 2021 T-Mobile also did it at a rapid pace.

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