6 GHz at your service with Gigabyte motherboards!

The Taiwanese company Gigabyte introduces features on its motherboards with the Z790 chipset, thanks to which Intel Core i9-13900K processors can accelerate up to a dizzying 6 GHz.

I have the overwhelming feeling that the past few weeks have been like a card for lovers of extreme computing power. Literally a moment ago I was writing about a graphics card that has a sky-high TDP of 630W, and less than a few days ago Gigabyte posted information on their website about a new mode that allows overclocking instantly the processor. Intel Core i9-13900K up to a dizzying 6 GHz!

6 GHz power only for some people

The Taiwanese electronics company Gigabyte Technology Co. Ltd announced in its press release the Instant 6GHz technology, designed exclusively for the Intel Core i9-13900K processor.

This feature is available only on motherboards with Z790 chipset. To use it, you need to update the BIOS and then enable the appropriate options. Instant 6GHz also increases single core efficiency by up to 3%.

Photo Gigabyte

Gigabyte-designed technology automatically adjusts Vcore load line calibration and CPU voltage. As a result, two optimal cores running at 6 GHz are detected. Instant 6GHz allows you to enjoy the effects of OC without the need for specialist knowledge in the field of overclocking processors.

Those interested can update the BIOS by downloading the latest version from the manufacturer’s website. Gigabyte reports that the process is executable via Q-Flash or Q-Flash Plus.

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