6 of the best movies currently trending on Netflix to watch this weekend

You can admit that one of the biggest laziness of watching a movie on streaming is looking for it. Yes, and finding it is the hard part. That’s not because it doesn’t have a lot of good stuff. Yes he has! But it’s hard to reconcile what the algorithm tells you, what you like, and what your mood wants at that moment. So it is very easy for you to be stagnant, with a buggy mind and not knowing what to play. But don’t worry. This list today is here to give you a little help and help you find new things popping up on Netflix. Highlights of “The School of Good and Evil,” 2022, by Paul Feig; “The Unknown”, 2022, by Thomas M. Wright; and 2019’s Colors of Justice by Deon Taylor. The titles available on Netflix are organized by year of release and do not follow classification criteria.

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