7 best onboarding programs for HR departments in 2023

Joining a new organization is indeed a tiring process for professionals, and a disorganized onboarding process often leaves an unpleasant impression on them.

To make a lasting first impression on new hires and speed up the onboarding process, companies rely on powerful onboarding software tools.

Onboarding software is a solution that helps companies simplify their document management and integration process and eliminate redundant tasks to keep employees motivated at all times.

Benefits of using employee onboarding software

A chaotic induction process not only puts new employees under stress, but also shows poor work culture, quality of communication and office management. Implementing integration software in your organization simplifies integration for stakeholders and employees and offers a wide range of benefits.

  • It creates a strong first impression and strengthens the company culture.
  • It offers a personalized experience, alleviating employee anxiety.
  • It reduces employee turnover costs
  • Ensures workplace compliance
  • Simplifies the onboarding process
  • It improves the productivity of new hires
  • It helps you automate tasks to streamline your HR workflow

Features to look for in employee onboarding software

Below, we’ve compiled a must-have set of features to look for in an employee engagement system before choosing one for your organization.

User Friendly Interface: Introductory software should have an easy-to-use layout that covers more than just look and feel. The interface must be quick to learn and must have an intuitive design so that new employees can onboard smoothly.

Integrations: An onboarding system must be able to seamlessly integrate with the existing software used by your organization to ensure that all the tools needed for a successful implementation are available.

Workflow Automation: Consistent onboarding software should automate your workflow by eliminating redundant steps. HR departments can oversee the onboarding process across all departments and ensure that everything is done systematically.

Employee self-service: Newly hired employees should be able to provide personal and professional information, manage all documents and self-service without seeking external assistance.

Cloud-based technology: Onboarding software should work in a remote work environment and employees and stakeholders should be able to access it while on the go.

With that said, let’s go ahead and go through the list of the most popular employee onboarding programs on the market to find the perfect solution for your business.

Fresh teams

Freshteams by Freshworks is a powerful tool that enables companies to offer personalized recruitment solutions to new employees. It dramatically reduces deployment time by automating most tasks, such as email automation, document sharing, information gathering, and more.


  • Task Assignment Implementation Checklist.
  • One click welcome kit to send all documents and manuals.
  • Customizable email templates to automate your email sending process.
  • Signeasy and DocuSign integration for secure signing of forms and documents.
  • Track the tasks that need to be completed as part of the new integration process.

to fold

Coassemble provides high-quality onboarding training to new employees, which speeds up the training process and improves business performance.

The system helps organizations create great introductory courses that increase engagement without coding or designing. The advanced analytics feature allows you to gain valuable insights and influence your business.

Coassemble comes with a rich set of features that can reduce deployment time by almost 41%:


  • Templates for greetings to new employees.
  • Checklist for new users.
  • Train managers responsible for hiring new team members.
  • Course template for inclusion of new participants.
  • Over 30 lesson screens for interactive presentation of introductory courses.


Inform comes with simple and customizable onboarding features that save you time by automating the onboarding process of new team members. Onboarding can be tailored to the needs of individual employees by assigning a set of training elements on autopilot.

Informa’s automation capabilities allow you to control the assignment of introductory packages to individual students and specific groups. It is also possible to create introductory packages that include many training elements, such as courses, quizzes, phone calls and manuals.


  • Centralized dashboard to track, reassign and review employee onboarding progress.
  • Ability to adapt the student involvement process
  • A learning path that automatically offers courses and quizzes.
  • Multilingual support for automatic translation of introductory courses into other languages.
  • Zoom integration to record video calls for new training purposes.
  • Reminders for administrators and employees to complete assignments, courses and quizzes.


Factohr automates the integration process to provide an amazing integration experience and boasts a quality work culture. The solution increases the operational efficiency of HR managers with predefined documents that need to be sent by e-mail. It also allows you to send invitation links to recruits to submit the necessary documents themselves.


  • Create customizable lists and documents for new hires.
  • Create and assign funds to employees and generate employee reports.
  • Create and download document expiration reports, asset reports and document details.
  • Remind candidates of important events to keep them up-to-date.
  • Create employee accounts based on candidate data, minimizing onboarding time.


Use Bamboohr for employee onboarding to avoid spending less time on paperwork and focus more on meaningful experiences. Preboarding packages automate electronic signatures and other document collection processes.

By enabling an organized and efficient onboarding process for new employees, BambooHR improves employee retention.


  • Customize deployment templates by job types, departments, locations, etc.
  • Make new hires productive and engaged from day one by assigning them onboarding tasks.
  • Manage your employee database and save a lot of time by reducing paperwork.
  • It allows your organization to set up welcome emails and IT checklists for newbies.


Choose ScribeNow to seamlessly onboard new employees and increase their productivity. Automated knowledge management features instantly turn each task into a step-by-step guide for faster completion.

Scribe’s central library allows new hires to access the knowledge base, get answers to frequently asked questions, and eliminate the need to answer each individual question.


  • Supports instant documentation and sharing.
  • The cloud-based solution is completely platform independent.
  • It supports text and tooltip customization along with screenshot comments.
  • Integrates with most knowledge bases, wikis and tools.


Supporting companies like Forbes and PepsiCo, Trakstar is a modern solution for exceptional performance and deployment management. This innovative software eliminates the manual onboarding and documentation process, allowing you to make smart decisions to attract, retain and engage team members.

Trakstar integrates seamlessly with popular HRIS and productivity tools to streamline your workflow and eliminate redundant tasks.


  • Performance management to manage reviews, surveys and goal tracking.
  • Automate registration, content delivery and skills development
  • Simplify the hiring process and conduct collaborative recruiting and sourcing with applicant tracking tools.
  • A centralized dashboard to gain valuable workplace analytics insights and track trends and opportunities.

Author’s note

Without a doubt, integration software is a great way to give your recruits an amazing integration experience without bombarding them with tons of tasks and paperwork in their first days on the job.

The above integration tools will help HR departments manage and monitor the integration process and lay a solid foundation for strengthening company culture. Effective onboarding software for you will be one that meets the needs of your organization. You can compare the features and prices of these solutions and choose the one that offers the best value.

You can also check out the best HRIS software to streamline your HR tasks.

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