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8 Actors and Actresses Whose Real Height is ‘Camouflaged’ in Brazilian Soap Operas / Unbelievable

During a soap opera, we have to pay a lot of attention: the whole story, the chemistry of the main characters, the parallel plots and things like that. As a result, certain details may be overlooked, such as if this couple actually has the height they appear in the scene. What may seem like unnecessary information to us may be important to the production as they need to be framed on screen. When this is not possible, some tricks have to be done, such as placing a small platform under the actors so that the height changes slightly. This “camouflage” in the celebrity figure has happened several times. Check it out!

1. Bruno Galliaso and Giovanna Antonelli — Rising Sun

In the soap opera Rising Sun, Giovanna Antonelli and Bruno Galliaso were best friends, and as the plot progressed, they eventually became a couple. In some images, it could be seen that the heartthrob looks quite taller than the actress. However, this is not true as the two are practically the same height. Bruno is 1.69 m tall and Giovanna is 1.68 m tall.

2. Thiago Lacerda and Natalia Dill — Pride and passion

It’s impossible to hide that Thiago Lacerda is very tall, so it can be a bit difficult to find a romantic partner who fits the cameras next to him. Sometimes you have to use one trick or another to get everything on stage. in Pride and passionhis partner was Natalia Dill with 1.68 m, against Tiago’s 1.93 m.

3. Maria Casadevall and Cayo Castro — Love life

Maria Casadevall and Kayo Castro met more than once on stage: first in Love lifeand then onwards I love Paraisopolis🇧🇷 In the first soap opera, “makeup” was done to make Kayo appear taller than Maria. In the next plot, they didn’t worry too much about it, leaving the actor’s 1.75m to be practically equal to the actress’s 1.76m.

4. Jamie Matarazzo and Isabelle Drummond — Seven lives

in seven lives Jayme Matarazzo has increased his height slightly. This made him taller than Isabelle Drummond, his romantic partner in the soap opera. In reality, the two are the same height, 1.67m. In the plot, the two form a likable couple who, after several inconsistencies, finally come together.

5. Agatha Moreira and Jaime Matarazzo — has a heart

in has a heart Agata Moreira and Jaime Matarazzo didn’t make a romantic couple right away – on the contrary. At first she had the air of a villain until they became a cute and romantic couple. However, a fact that may have gone unnoticed in the eyes of many is the difference in height between them. In the telenovela he is taller than her, but in real life he is not. Agatha is 1.74m tall and Jamie is 1.67m tall.

6. Sophie Charlotte and Caio Castro — Training

When it comes to soap operas, Sophie Charlotte and Caio Castro have already met several times. The first plot of both was Training, like the couple Angelina and Bruno. In the teen soap opera, Kayo looked comparatively taller than Sofia. However, in the following novel, fine fontthis turned out to be a little different, however, the difference between the two is very small: the actress is 1.71 m, while Kayo is 1.75 m.

7. Larissa Manoella and Raphael Vitti — Beyond the illusion

Larissa Manoella is a little shorter, 1.53 m. This can make it difficult to frame her in the scene, even more so if the romantic couple is a bit taller. This happened in Beyond the illusion: in the soap opera, his partner was Raphael Vitti and his 1.82 m. Thus, it was necessary to resort to a small platform in some scenes, reducing the difference in height between them.

8. Vitoria Strada and Jaime Matarazzo —Time for love

Jayme Matarazzo was not Vitória Strada’s ideal partner in Time for love, and another thing that was not compatible between the pair was the actual height of the actors. In the soap opera scenes, the boy looked taller than the girl. However, the reality is a bit different: Jaime is 1.67m and Vitoria is 1.74m.

Did you already know about the height difference between some of these actors? What surprised you the most? Tell us in the comments!

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