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8 details that can add a few years to your look and what to do to avoid them / Amazing

Have you ever prepared for an event or party and despite a lot of planning time and a lot of dedication, you feel that the result is not as expected? I mean, have you ever felt like the style you came up with just added a few years to your look? Not everyone knows, but the hairstyle, the size of the jewelry and the choice of colors can age. To avoid these and other very common mistakes, we have made a list of several tips that we should always take into account. We also took the opportunity to offer some tricks that help to quickly fix these “errors”.

1. Heavy earrings

Loss of collagen can cause the skin to lose elasticity all over your body, including the earlobes. In this sense, it is important to take this into account when choosing your next earrings, as very heavy earrings can make the lobes look old.

2. Appropriate jewelry

A few years ago, it was very common for people to wear sets of matching jewelry, a trend that seems to be a thing of the past.

Some experts recommend avoiding sets where earrings and a necklace (or other accessories) go perfectly together. For those under 40, this might be seen as a reference to the 80s and 90s, but for those over 40, it might seem a bit old fashioned. Instead, try mixing styles and show you’re on top of new trends.

3. All the hair is stuck

Pulling your hair up into ponytails and buns is a way to accentuate your neck and create an elegant look. However, when all the hair is tied up, it can emphasize unwanted aspects and create certain disproportions on the face. It can also create a serious and even older look.

A looser, ‘imperfect’ bun with loose strands creates a more youthful, informal and much more stylish style.

4. Very thin and curved eyebrows

Although this choice is very personal, thin and arched eyebrows often make the face look stiff and a little aged, as they can emphasize fine lines and make makeup look too heavy. On the other hand, thicker, more defined brows with a natural arch better frame the face, enhance the look and create a lighter, more youthful look.

5. Very intense and vivid colors

There are many factors that can affect the perception of appearance: skin tone, body shape, lighting, etc. However, generally softer and lighter tones such as light pink, light green and light blue can create an effect of lightness, something that darker and more vibrant colors such as red and black cannot . On the contrary, these colors tend to age.

6. Very heavy base and dark color

Heavy base makeup can create a dull and unnatural look. It also usually accentuates facial lines and wrinkles; i.e. instead of hiding and concealing them, which is usually our intention, makeup ends up highlighting some unwanted aspects.

The same thing happens with dark coloring: if used in excess, it ends up emphasizing the lines around the lips and eyes. To create a more youthful look, it’s best to use a light, natural makeup base, especially to allow your skin to breathe. Colorete should be applied sparingly and in soft, natural tones that complement the skin’s natural color.

7. Gold and large jewelry

Gold jewelry is usually more formal and therefore often associated with older people. Wearing large jewelry all the time ends up creating an image of exaggeration. Silver jewelry is usually lighter and therefore creates a simpler, more informal and even youthful style; in addition, they usually add a more elegant and modern touch to the look.

8. Hair parted down the middle

Parting the hair in half can emphasize the expressive lines of the face, creating a more serious and therefore aged look. Parting to the side, on the other hand, helps to smooth out frown lines, especially if the bangs are parted to the side, in a light and “messy” hairstyle.

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