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82-year-old woman finally able to retire, thanks to a collection of 1 billion Brazilian reals made by a stranger / Incredible

Millions of Americans live paycheck to paycheck well past age 65 and continue to do so until the last day of their lives. And that was the plight of Nola, an 82-year-old employee at a local Walmart, until one man decided to help her. This story shows that sometimes small good deeds can lead to big changes in someone’s life.

He should have retired a long time ago

Devan Bonagura was an ordinary citizen who depended on his day job at Walmart to make ends meet. And when your shift is over, you spend your free time browsing TikTok videos. One afternoon, however, he spotted an elderly woman in the Walmart break room. She was also an employee and got tired of standing on her feet all day.

Devan was touched and disappointed that the old woman, who was well past retirement age, still had to work hard instead of enjoying her pension and the fruits of her labor.

He took the case to social networks

He took to TikTok and posted a video of Nola with the caption: “Life shouldn’t be this hard… :/ I feel bad.” The video went viral and eventually garnered over 3 million views. Many people left comments on the page encouraging Devan to start fundraising for the employee through the platform. GoFundMe. And the young man did, surprising himself with the result.

Many people gathered to help her.

Devan went on to post the elderly woman’s story online, raising 508,000 reais (US$100,000) in just 24 hours after posting it on GoFundMe. He then decided to plan with Nola’s daughter to surprise her mother, telling the elderly woman that TikTok users had seen her story and rallied to help her.

Nola expressed her immense gratitude, but told Devan that she would have to keep working until she paid off her £864,000 ($170,000) mortgage, so £508,000 was not enough for her to retire on. But things didn’t stop there! O GoFundMe surpassed 1 billion Brazilian dollars (US$200,000) in a matter of days, and Nola, 82, can finally retire.

Nola retired and now lives peacefully and happily

After his amazing encounter with Nola, Devan perfected his TikTok channel and continued to do good deeds, raising more money to help the homeless. Just as many people benefited from Devan’s altruistic attitudes, he also improved his quality of life.

What do you think of Nola and Devan dating? What was your last good deed for a stranger?

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