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9 days later, Lira is able to comment on Bolsonaro’s attacks on the elections

Photo: Alan Santos/PR

passed nine days Jair Bolsonaro’s presentation to the dozens of ambassadors he promoted attacks, without any evidence, on the credibility of the electoral process. However, it was only this Wednesday (27) that Planalto ally and mayor Artur Lira (PP; photo) commented on the incident.

The statement was made during the congress of the People’s Party, which approved the coalition with Bolsonaro’s LH and supporting the re-election of the president of the republic.

Although he trusts the electoral system, Lira did not mention the meeting with the ambassadors last week.

“I just wanted to leave a very clear, obvious message. And who knows me transparently and brilliantly, as we say in the Northeast? The Chamber of Deputies speaks when it is necessary to speak. Not when they want to make you talksaid the President of the Chamber.

“I have given more than 20 messages around the world and in Brazil that I have always been in favor of democracy and transparent elections and that I trust the electoral system.”he added, without specifying which messages he was referring to.

He further stated that “There is no need for any social or political movement to present it as it is always necessary.”.

Lira also hinted that the pressure for the reactions of other authorities to Bolsonaro’s attacks led to them. “keyed”.

“Institutions in Brazil are strong, perennial and social networks are not and never will be. We cannot trivialize the words of the Brazilian authorities. They won’t do that to the House as long as I’m president.”said:

Presidents before Lira The Senatein: TSE: is from STF: had already commented on the incident and even condemned Bolsonaro for the attacks.

Even The Prosecutor General of the Republic, Augusto Aras, spoke, albeit in a reconfirmed video.

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