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9 things ONLY a person who LOVES does for their LOVE: The 8 are fundamental!

The world today is so confused and personal relationships so complicated that many times It’s easy to forget what’s really important in your relationship.. When someone truly cares, is present and cares for you without expecting anything in return, you can be sure that there is something special in the air.

O true love he doesn’t pressure, he doesn’t burden, he is patient and accepts you as you are. Here are ten things you should expect from a a person who really loves you.

9 things ONLY a man who LOVES does for his LOVE:

1. ZERO pressure

He won’t pressure you into doing things you don’t want to do. If love is real, it will respect your time and your decisions, and you will never feel pressured to act a certain way. truth respects your time and your decisions and will not pressure you to do things that are against your nature or that you may not be ready to do yet.

2. He will listen to you with his FULL attention

Conversations between couples are often an empty exchange of words where both are talking but neither is listening to the other. Those who truly love you will listen to what you have to saywill be understanding and help you find the answers you are looking for.

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3. It helps you GROW

To love implies, besides never oppressing the other, to encourage him to do so grow and learn. Whoever truly loves wants to see the evolution of the other in terms of their knowledge and personal desires. You will grow with him and you will feel that you are always learning.

4. He who loves, CARES

And he will make it very clear that he will always be there for you. You will feel very secure and confident that you will always be able to count on him in every moment of your life, good and bad. Only one who is truly loved can experience this feeling!

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5. Will constantly make DECLARATIONS

We’re not talking notes or sappy text messages. You will receive daily simple, natural and heartfelt messages like “have a nice day” will make you feel loved and make sure there is someone who wishes you the best. That kiss goodnight, that look at dinner, that unexpected compliment. Next to him, you will always have a boosted self-esteem and complete security in his love.

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6. He will REMIND you during the day

He may not even say it or not always make it clear, but the man who truly loves you will remember you in everyday moments. When you hear a joke from that colleague and think “she will find it very funny”, when eating something delicious, when reading news in the newspaper, with the smile of the lady in front of the bus, in endless situations. You will be part of the 24 hours of his day. And he gives yours, of course!

7. He will care about what you feel and think

The man who loves you wants to know what you think, how you see the world, what are your life goals and understand their reasons. He will always value your opinion no matter how much he disagrees with you. He will respect your opinion and not want to change it.

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8. He will LOVE you just the way you are

There is no greater proof of love than to accept the other as he is, his virtues and faults. A man who truly loves you understands who you are and doesn’t ask you to change.. He loves the person you are, not the person he thinks you will be in the future. He feels grateful to be by your side.

9. He will have no SECRETS with you

A man who loves you will never have any secrets from you, everything will be spoken completely openly and he will never generate any insecurity in you. When you’re with a man who really loves you, you’ll know right away.

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