A 9-year-old genius boy graduates from high school and enters university

The genius boy, only 9 years old, has just finished high school and is already studying at university. All this without giving up karate, baseball, or playing with your sister.

The boy who is a member of the Mensa club of geniuses with the right to stand out in class. has already started college classes at Bucks County Community College and wants to become an astrophysicist.

David Balogun from Bensalem, Pennsylvania, United States, is the youngest graduate of Reach Cyber ​​Charter School.

“Got it [era] able to graduate at age 10 or 9 as long as I put in the effort, and with the help of my mom, dad, and of course Reach Cyber ​​Charter School, I was able to graduate,” David said.

David also received the Pennsylvania Gifted Education Association’s 2022 Distinguished Student Award.


The impressive thing is that the child prodigy acts naturally.

David, smiling but with an adult air, shows that he had no problems finishing school.

“I wanted to do it because I had the ability to do it,” said the prodigy. “So why not use those skills for the greater good?”

Enrolled at Bucks County Community College, a community college, David hopes to become an astrophysicist soon. “I want to be an astrophysicist and study black holes and supernovae,” he said.

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Henry and Ronya Balogun, David’s parents, said their son had always been very curious. According to the father, the son is “extremely interested in knowing things”.

“That prepared him,” Henry said. “The word pride is not enough for this,” added the mother.

Elliott Tanner, 13, of Minnesota, graduated last year in physics with a minor in math.

Watch the video with David Balogun here.

A 9-year-old boy genius won the award with his family, WBNS

According to the Daily Mail and Fox

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