A 9-year-old girl is raffling off her own “motina” to donate toys to children with cancer

This little girl from the interior of São Paulo is only 9 years old and has already taught us a great lesson in solidarity. Milleny Vitória Almeida, from Itarare (SP), raffled off her own toy motorcycle to raise money and donate toys to children undergoing cancer treatment.

Look at that heart! With the proceeds, he donated more than 100 toys to the children supported by the Instituto Atitude na Cabeça, in Curitiba (PR).

“When I see other children, I wonder if they also have toys, food and clothes. I feel very happy that I can help a little. My grandmother and my friend say that I am light. I think I only did good,” Milleni said. How cute!

Awarded by the municipality

The girl’s mother told how the idea came about. “He came and said he wanted to give away the ‘motorcycle.’ That’s when we created the giveaway. The idea was to give away even more children. Each draw cost one toy,” explained the girl’s mother, Joelma Almeida.

After the impact of the initiative, the girl received a certificate of recognition for her solidarity attitude. The delivery took place at the Itarare Municipal Palace.

“It’s exciting to see Milleny mobilize to help other children. At such a young age, he already shows his concern and care for others, serving as an example for all of us,” said the mayor of the city, Heliton do Valle.

Golden heart

This is not the first time that Milleny has contributed to social actions. On his birthday on December 11, he exchanged gifts with food.

After the party, eight food baskets were donated to needy families in Itarare.

Congratulations Mi! You are pure inspiration.

The girl received a certificate of recognition for her supportive attitude. Photo: Reproduction/Internet

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