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A bad idea by Lula, Haddad and Amorim

Photo: Chamber of Deputies

Former chancellor Celso Amorim (photo) once again praised the idea this Tuesday (5). “Single Currency” For Latin American countries🇧🇷

Mentioned by Lula (PT) during his campaign as a supposed way to make Brazil and countries on the continent less “dependent on the dollar,” the proposal was also praised in an article by Sao Paulo and former mayor Fernando Haddad. the name most cited to take over the Finance Ministry in the new PA administration.

“I think it’s a good idea. We need to return to the spirit of integration, and I think this is a force that can help us a lot.”the former foreign minister told O Globo after leaving the event in Sao Paulo.

“But I am not an economist, this is outside of foreign policy, the finance minister is involved. If it’s what I think it can be, it’ll be good.”Amorim added, referring to Haddad.

A currency swap with big Latin American economic success cases like Argentina and Venezuela can only be a brilliant idea.

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