A benefit of up to BRL 2.2 thousand can be paid by Auxílio Brasil; see who’s eligible

Currently, that Aid to Brazil It is the largest income transfer program in the country. The initiative serves more than 21 million vulnerable families with a monthly basic benefit of R$600.

However, in Ministry of Citizenship Makes other benefits available to the program beneficiary population. In addition gas voucherfamilies may receive additional benefits if they meet specific criteria.

Among these additional benefits are: School sports allowance, aimed at students who are part of the program’s beneficiary families who stand out in the Brazilian school games. The allowance is paid in the amount of R$ 2200.

School sports allowance

As mentioned, the benefit covers school athletes who are members of families receiving Auxílio Brasil. Thus, in order to receive the allowance, a student must excel in official competitions in the Brazilian school games system.

In addition, in order to stand out, it is necessary to win competitions, taking the third place at the most in individual or collective ways. Payment is made at R$100 per 12 months for athletes and the family receives R$1,000 per share.

However, it should be emphasized that this is not the only additional benefit of Auxílio Brasil. This is the difference in this program that has helped millions of Brazilian families.

Benefits paid by Aid Brazil

First, it should be noted that the program benefit value is based on the three traditional benefits, but it can be increased if the family group meets the criteria for the other benefits. Check out the list below.

Basic benefits for all families.

  • Early childhood benefit. intended for families with children up to 3 years old, they receive R$ 130;
  • Family allowance. for families with pregnant women, or people aged 3 to 17 or 18 to 21 enrolled in basic education. The cost of the allowance will be R$65 per person, with a limit of up to five allowances per family;
  • Benefit for overcoming extreme poverty. is paid to those families that do not come out of extreme poverty with the sum of the other two benefits, currently amounts to 105 rubles.

Additional benefits given to families meeting the defined conditions.

  • Auxílio Esporte Escolar. Students aged 12 to 17 who stand out in official competitions of the Brazilian school games system and who are among the beneficiary families of Auxílio Brasil receive R$ 1,000 per month and a single payment of R$ 100;
  • Junior Scientific Initiative Scholarship. for students with good results in academic competitions. The amount is R$ 100 per 12 months and one installment of R$ 1,000 per family;
  • Support of child citizens. for a person responsible for a child up to 4 years of age who has a source of income but cannot find a place in public daycare centers or in an affiliated network. The fee is R$ 200 for children enrolled part-time and R$ 300 for full-time;
  • Aid for effective rural inclusion. intended for family farmers who are registered in the Unified Register of Social Programs of the Federal Government (CadUnique:) The amount received must be R$ 200;
  • Help for effective urban inclusion. intended for anyone who can establish a formal working relationship. The amount received must be R$ 200;
  • Rule of emancipation. for beneficiaries who had per capita income increases that exceeded the threshold for assistance, they would be kept on the payroll for an additional 24 months.

How to apply for school sports aid?

In short, the payment is made automatically, as the information is received according to the update of the unified register of social programs of the Federal Government (CadÚnico) system.

How to apply to Aid Brazil?

To learn about the Auxílio Brasil benefit, you can call the Ministry of Citizenship at 121. The beneficiary can also get information through the Caixa service center by calling 111.

There are also virtual service channels, such as the Auxílio Brasil app. See how to access it below.

  1. Download the Auxílio Brasil app (available for Android and iOS);
  2. After installation, inform CPF:
  3. Now provide your password; and:
  4. On the main screen, click on ‘Value Inquiry’.

See what success is on the Internet.

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