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A cemetery has opened in Canada that turns loved ones into trees

The truth is that we will all die one day (and may that day be long). Despite the tragedy, wouldn’t it be beautiful to see death give birth to life?

The grave is cold and gloomy, but it doesn’t have to be. it can grow into a better, stronger, nicer tree.

This is an innovative proposal from the Canadian company Bio Park, which is one of the first cemeteries to offer a sustainable burial service. People and pets stored in biodegradable jars that turn into trees over time.

They turn the biological compounds contained in the body into fertilizer for the tree. The company also offers woodland plots for loved ones to join the same trunk and serve as a community tomb.

“After the day of the funeral, we often see families return to visit the deceased and take care of their tree by removing dead leaves or decorating it according to the seasons and different festivals of the year. If you think about it, it’s much hotter to walk through the forest than to visit a tombstone.”said the director of the cemetery.

Tree species that can become “residents” include: hydrangea, maple, crabapple, cranberry, maple or oak.

Park staff are responsible for caring for all trees, making sure they are healthy.

At Bio Park, the funeral takes place in a more traditional way at first, with music, snacks and religious services dedicated to the memory of the deceased. Everything changes after the ceremony. the family members take the urn with the deceased, go to the place of their choice and plant the new tree.

It is certainly a new way to face death and remember loved ones who have passed away.


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