A Christmas tree on a stump is a beautiful Christmas decoration. See which Christmas tree to choose and how to decorate it. Is artificial or natural wood better?

The Christmas tree on the trunk, natural and artificial, looks original. This year, the trees on the trunk are creating a sensation for Christmas. We suggest how to choose a Christmas tree on the trunk and what are the characteristics of individual Christmas tree models.


Christmas tree on a stump resembles a tree of 2 elements. The lower part is the trunk, and the upper part is a coniferous, shaped crown. Such a Christmas tree looks as if the upper part is planted on the lower one. The container in which the Christmas tree stands is often wrapped in decorative material, such as gilded jute burlap or material resembling tree bark. It is also decorated with a large red gift ribbon.

Christmas trees made of natural trunks are often pine trees, because they tolerate pruning well, and the essence of a Christmas tree on a trunk is its proper pruning. A Christmas tree on a stump is one whose trunk is bare because the lower branches have been removed to a certain height from the ground. Twigs that grow higher are cut and have the shape of a cone – explains Jarosław Mikietyński, gardener of the Botanical Garden of Kazimierz Wielki University in Bydgoszcz.

Twigs can be decorated with balls, lights and other decorations, like a traditional Christmas tree. You can buy a ready-made Christmas tree on a trunk, but you can also make it yourself. In the latter case, the lower branches should be removed, for example, to a height of 60-80 centimeters above the ground. How high to cut the branches from the bottom depends on the height of the Christmas tree. The smallest Christmas conifers are less than a meter (measured from the bottom of the container to the top), while the largest are over 2 meters – continues Jarosław Mikietyński.

A live Christmas tree on the trunk (even without roots) will look fresh longer if we place it in a container with soil and take care of regular watering of the tree. It should also not be placed directly next to the radiator, as dry, warm air has a bad effect on it. Spraying the Christmas tree is a good solution, but it is quite impossible because of the decorations hanging on the tree, i.e. balls and lights, the gardener points out.

From afar artificial Christmas tree not different from real wood rest. It is an imitation of Siberian spruce, Caucasian fir or pine. The branches are cut into a cone, painted green or white (maybe gray) and have needles.

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