A Chupchup seller is approved at the same university where he works.

When Luciano Pantoya started selling chupchup, also known in some regions as geladinho, at the Federal University of Pará, he never expected what the future would hold for him. The young man will now attend university as a student.

He has been approved for the Language – Portuguese course at the institution. Devoted to work and studies, that’s how Luciano’s colleagues see him. Now the first-year student worked on the campus from 11 am to 2 pm, then went to a preparatory course.

For Luciano, the son of a manicurist and a janitor, going to Para’s main university is also an opportunity to succeed in life. “For me, UFPA is an opportunity for us who are from the periphery, some from the favela, to take a higher course without conditions, an essential factor for our future,” Pantoya said.

sister as inspiration

Luciano’s biggest inspiration when looking for a place at UFPA was his older sister, Lais. The girl was confirmed in the same course in 2020.

“Around 11 in the morning, when I was starting work, he called me saying that I was approved. It was madness, happiness that I had never experienced,” said the now freshman.

support from friends

Luciano was not alone on the road to approval, his friends supported him.

Ryanna Falcao, who studies industrial chemistry at the university, said the entire student community was pleased with the vendor’s endorsement. “We were very happy with Luciano’s victory. His service is great. Always with a smile, singing and dancing to loud music.

Falcao also emphasized that Luciano, a well-known figure in the university, is friendly and likes to talk, and this is the main reason why the boy is so dear to the academic community.

Look at the chuchup! (Okay, the ice cream is worth it, too.)

Luciano has been selling chupchup at UFPA since the beginning of 2022. He said that the money collected from the sale is used to buy his things without needing the help of his parents.

“My parents did everything so that my sister and I could pass the federal level. I was even admitted to a private course, but since I was not passing at that time, the expenses were a bit tight, and I continued to study on my own,” he recalls.

Despite winning the much-anticipated job, Luciano said the chupchup sales will continue. Hello customers, you can relax.


This was not the first entrance exam for the young man, who was unsuccessful at the first attempt. Luciano continued to study on his own with the help of YouTube videos.

At some point, the young man thought about giving up, strongly motivated by disappointment in the exact and biological sciences, but he thought about all the investments made by his parents and believed in the vacancy. Congratulations Luciano!

After the first period of study, the boy got a place in a free preparatory course, luck began to be on his side.


Now, Luciano’s focus is on completing the course, teaching, and helping other less fortunate people. “I really like it, giving back what has already been offered to me. In this case, the classes I attended were free. Besides, I have always liked this area,” he said.

Luciano loved the class and recalled an experience he had when he substituted for an English teacher in a prep course. “I was asked to teach, and I realized that this is my world, being in the classroom, dealing with people,” he concluded excitedly.

Luciano, a chupchup seller, settled in the same university where he works, in Para. Photo: Reproduction/ Correio Braziliense

According to Correio Braziliense.

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