A damaged dog ignores its owner and goes viral on the Internet. Watch the video.

A wounded little corgi dog with a strong personality is giving the internet something to talk about. 2 and a half year old Stelinya was upset with her tutor, who didn’t greet her when she got home and just decided to ignore her. The funny scene spread on the Internet.

Raphael Watt, Stelinya’s “father”, comes home looking for her, and the corgi hides under her bed.

Noticing the owner’s presence, the little dog walks away with masterful disdain. (see below)

the joke

Shun Stelinya came to the family to keep Raphael’s daughter, Marie, ten years old. It took four months of planning (without the girl’s knowledge) to adopt the little dog.

The little dog joined the family and won everyone’s hearts.

Noticing Stelliña’s disdain, Raphael tries to win her back, apparently without much success. He sits on the bed under which she is hiding, but nothing…

Impressed by the little dog’s temperament, Raphael Watt, who has a TikTok profile with a photo of his daughter and the little dog, made a video showing the “drama” he experienced with grace.


In good humor, Raphael Watt recounts his coming home and ignoring Stelinha. He shared the story of the injured dog on social networks.

The publication has collected more than 6.7 million views, 776 thousand reactions and thousands of comments from Internet users.

“You did well, you left him alone at home, he got upset, didn’t he?” said one of the Internet users. “Young man, apologize now,” suggested another.

“He’s not talking to you, he’s judging you,” observed a third.

Watch the video.

@rafaelwatt The irony at the end was the best… #pet #corgi #dog #cachorro ♬ original sound – Rafael Watt

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