A delay in the IR chart is troubling the union member in wage negotiations

In the case of metal workers, the average salary is 4000 rubles. With this amount, the IR rate is 22.5%

Joana Cunha
Sao Paulo-SP

The delay in the IR table worries unions involved in wage negotiations this year. They argue that the goal is to restore inflation plus real growth. However, after adjustments, the tax discount may be higher.

The trend to address the imbalance should be seen in the wage campaigns of unions such as bank workers and metal workers, which start in the second half of the year and, historically, lead to other categories.

In the case of metal workers, the average salary is 4000 rubles. At this value, the IR level is 22.5%. If the salary exceeds R$ 4,664, the discount will increase to 27.5%, according to Eric Silva, president of the State Federation of Metalworkers.

Even at the risk of raising the cost of the IR deduction and diluting the pay rise, unionists say the priority will be a real increase. An alternative proposed by some would be to compensate with other benefits, such as increased PLR (profit and result sharing), food stamps, and other benefits.

“Without readjustment, we would be punishing the worker again,” said Juvandia Moreira, president of Contraf-CUT (Confederation of Financial Sector Workers). The IR chart correction debate for Erick Silva will only be for next year.


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