A dog gets excited when they sing “Happy Birthday” to him, and the video goes viral

This video of a dog excited about this “congratulations” is definitely the cutest thing you’ll see today. The pet doesn’t hide the excitement of celebrating his birthday and the scenes have certainly gone viral, giving netizens plenty of laughs. [vídeo abaixo]

The video was published by one of the Internet users on Twitter and already has more than 430 thousand likes. Alexa Gomez also couldn’t resist the cute dog, who celebrated her birthday like no other.

“I love you little dog happy birthday,” Alexa wrote. Feedback in the comments is also the best. “I want to be her in my next life,” said one netizen.

best birthday boy in the world

Alexa could not say the name of the dog, but in one of the comments she said that she received the video of the super excited animal and could not resist.

In the video, you can see a very excited woman singing “Happy Birthday” to a dog and a table decorated with a cake and some snacks. The little animal can’t stand it and puts its paws on the table, moving the towel, very emotional.

After all, the dog still gets a super hug from its owner. Real fluff!

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went viral

Video posted on Alexa profile (@AlexaGomezDos) won comments full of affection for the puppy.

“I have to hug him,” said one netizen.

“It’s impossible to start the day wrong if you watch this video,” another follower commented.

“Saved my day,” said another.

And saved our day too.

Watch the video of how a beautiful dog reacts to congratulations.

The little dog was very excited to be congratulated – Photo: reproduction

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