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A driver stopped to save a kitten and got into a real ambush / Unbelievable

There are many stories on the web about internet users who have found animals left on the side of the road and ended up rescuing them or finding them a loving home. But something completely unexpected happened to the hero of our today’s article.

Robert Brantley, 37, was driving down a country road when he suddenly thought he saw a kitten in a bush out of the corner of his eye. The American continued on his way, but then decided to go back to get the puppy.

Brantley got out of the car, called the kitten, and it immediately ran to its new friend. So the man took it to record a video of the rescue. But at that moment, something he didn’t expect happened: three more balls of fur came meowing out of the tall grass.

“My God!” exclaimed Robert, who was unprepared for such an encounter. And he continued in the video: “I can’t take you all. I think I hit a traffic jam. But the best was yet to come: a few minutes later there were 12 more kittens at the man’s feet.

Our hero was confused. He stopped to save only one kitten and did not understand where all these came from. How did they get there? Who left them there? The animals were very small, without their mother they would not be able to survive, but she was nowhere to be found. So the man decided he couldn’t just leave them to their fate, he had to do something.

However, there was one more problem: everyone had to get together and somehow get into the car. And they were 13! At first Robert tried to grab two or three at a time, but as he bent down to pick up more puppies, those already in the vehicle found ways to jump and scatter in all directions.

Then the man decided to close the car door, open the window and put the kittens in the back seat. They were too small to jump over it so it worked.

The video of the meeting with the kittens caused a great response on social networks. Thousands of people from different parts of the world offered to help find a home for each puppy.

Meanwhile, our hero decided to leave the cubs with acquaintances. This gave him almost 100% confidence that the puppies would be fine and that no one would harm them. He gave away almost all the pets, but kept three for himself: Scout, Ruby and Milo.

The Kitty Rescuer wanted to inspire people to help animals. And he doesn’t even mean himself, but all those who have been touched by his story and are usually not interested in the animal cause.

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