A drug dealer was arrested for selling drugs to the elderly in Asa Norte

According to investigations, one gram of confiscated cocaine is worth 160 reais on the illegal market due to its high degree of purity.

Last Wednesday (08), the Federal District Civil Police (PCDF) arrested a 43-year-old woman who was selling drugs in Asa Norte. The drug was sold on a delivery basis.

The woman was approached by the 2nd Police Department (North Wing) shortly after selling a 72-year-old seventy-two-year-old man a portion of cocaine in the 211 North Block.

At the time of the arrest, in addition to some doses of marijuana, the trafficker was found to have six portions of cocaine, known in criminal circles as “Peruvian.” According to the investigation, one gram of seized cocaine can be worth R$160.00 (one hundred and sixty) riyals on the illegal market due to its high degree of purity.

If found guilty, the accused woman could face up to 15 (fifteen) years in prison for the crime of drug trafficking. According to the police, the woman did not have a drug police record. The gentleman who bought the drugs was also charged with possession of drugs for his own use.

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