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By Lindivan on July 27, 2022 at 7:47 p.m

World – The bodies of two rich tourists and a former athlete were dragged away and eaten by bears after a helicopter crash.

Former biathlon star Igor Malinovskii (25) was piloting a Robinson helicopter in Kamchatka (Russia) when it crashed.

He flew on July 16 with businesswoman Zoya Kaygorodova, in her 30s, and Sergey Kolesnyak, 39, an executive at mobile phone company Tele2.

The tour, which costs about R$ 27,000, was hired by Zoya. The wooded area is known to be overrun with bears. The war in Ukraine has led rich Russians to travel more in Russia instead of visiting other countries, especially in Europe, writes “Sun”.

The trio lost communication due to bad weather. Investigators said the helicopter caught fire when it hit the ground. A day later, rescue teams found the wreckage of a helicopter called ‘Hope’ in the Geyser Valley. The search continued until parts of the remains of three household members were found.

Malinovskii was a five-time junior biathlon world champion, but his career has been crippled by the Covid-19 pandemic, according to reports. He attended a pilot course and worked for a company run by his father, Vladimir Malinovskii, transporting wealthy tourists to remote places in Kamchatka.

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