A former cleaner returns as a teacher at the school where she worked as a cleaner

Turnarounds that only education can provide. Rosalie Kuster, 45, who used to be a cleaner at the Greater Florianopolis School, has now returned to the school as a teacher. See what overcoming.

Thankful for the opportunity to learn, the teacher tells how her life has changed.

“Education changed my life, it changed everything around me and it excited and inspired me. Education is fundamental to me. We say it a lot, but it’s true, it changes our lives, and without it we can’t make our dreams come true,” said Roselle Kuster.

Back to learning

Roselli had only attended the 4th grade of elementary school when, at the age of 32, she separated from her 16-year marriage and moved from Rancho Quemado to Grande Florianopolis.

The first job she got was as a housekeeper, and there she was encouraged to go back to school.

With the help of a partner, Rosely enrolled in Education for Youth and Adults (EJA) and completed secondary school through the National Skills Certification Examination for Youth and Adults (Encceja).

He was so excited that he soon changed his studies and entered a teacher training college.

now a teacher

After working as a maid, Roselle got a job doing general services at a school in San Jose. There she worked in the cleaning industry and fell in love with education.

In February 2022, he resigned from the company responsible for cleaning municipal school units to start an internship in education in a private school.

And he returned almost three months later, when he went through the selection process for temporary admission of professors.

special education

The student, named Rose by colleagues at the Los Angeles Center for Early Childhood Education (CEI) in San Jose, is currently a room aide.

Rosalie, who is responsible for two students, has been working in special education since May of this year.

“Leaving as a public service assistant and coming back as a teacher is a victory,” Roselli said, proud of her victory in life.

Wonderful! People applaud.

In the first job she got as a domestic, she was encouraged to study and is now a teacher – Photo: Thiago Gizon/NSC

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