A girl asks for a garbage truck as a birthday theme, and the garbage collectors will honor her

An unusual and exciting request. Little Helena Rodríguez, 3 years old, who is in love with the garbage truck and a friend of the street sweeper, chose the garbage truck as the theme of her birthday party. The mother surprised the girl and invited the workers to a party. It was beautiful!

So, dressed in snow white and with a “Helena Garbage Truck” themed cake, was the birthday celebration in Itangua, Cariacchica (Espirito Santo).

Helena’s grandfather, who encouraged her love for the work of street cleaners, died a year ago. He liked to organize the garbage before dumping it, and he also offered soft drinks and water to the workers, and his granddaughter accompanied him in everything.


“Even before Helena was born, she’s always been careful with her litter. It kept everything neat and organized. There were days when he gave soda and water to the collectors. It turned out that he started to like it too. The truck passes, Helena runs,” said her mother, Dorasi Rodriguez.

The girl’s joy at seeing the truck and “finding” her friends is so great that her mother, with the help of a neighbor, did not think twice to collect what Helena likes the most.

It was then that “Helena’s Garbage Man”, the fantasy of Snow White, the girl’s favorite fairy tale, and calling the street cleaners to a party were born.

“[Quando] it was a surprise for him when they showed up,” Dorasi said.

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party pictures

Helena’s happiness is clear in the pictures. He took photos next to the garbage collectors, was amused by the congratulations and even played with his friends. It was a dream come true.

The magical world of the Snow White fairy tale has adapted to the reality of the 21st century, the work of garbage collectors and the joy of children.

This is living.

Street cleaners went to Helena’s house to celebrate the girl’s birthday – Photo: personal archive

Little Helena fulfilled her dream and got into a garbage truck - Photo: personal archive

Little Helena fulfilled her dream and sat on the garbage truck. Photo: personal archive

The girl's cake and the garbage truck - Photo: personal archive

The girl’s cake and the garbage truck – Photo: personal archive

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