A grandmother who rejected a puppy was caught crawling and petting the pet. Video

That was great. This grandmother initially refused Bento the dog, I didn’t even want to know about him. But now he’s gone catch, crawl and pet the pet at home. And the Internet did not forgive. (LOL)

A video posted by teacher Carol on TikTok has gone viral. The post includes a recording of the woman saying she will not accept a dog in the home. However, after meeting the golden retriever Bento, the grandmother fell in love with the pet. (see below)

Angry and irritated, Bento complicates the life of the grandmother, and she does not let it go. “But even after doing these barbarities, I love you grandma,” said the human voice jokingly, as if imitating gold.

Before Benedict

Carol has always been passionate about dogs, but her mother never allowed any animals to live with them. Tough, Bento’s current grandmother said she wouldn’t take care of her daughter if she adopted him.

“If you bring a dog, you and he go out. You have been warned,” the audio highlights.

In another recording, Carol’s mother stresses that she doesn’t want pets. “We’ve already spoken, just to remind you that you don’t fool around, you don’t go crazy and you don’t end up here with a dog,” he said.

golden arrival

Despite rejecting the idea of ​​a puppy, Grandma grew to love Bento’s company as soon as he was adopted by Carol, who even created a website for the dog.

Her “grandma,” as Carol jokes, started feeding and playing with the pet as soon as her daughter left the house. And how did he know? Through security cameras!

In the game, Carol tries to “translate” what Bento would say to her grandmother. “He tries to steal my toys saying it’s his slipper. It makes me want to eat delicious snacks thinking that no one will know,” he jokes.

The little lady likes to stay next to the gold and even takes a photo with it. Who saw you, who saw you hahaha!

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The video has gone viral.

The story of a Brazilian grandmother rejecting her “small grandson” shocked social networks. With over 200,000 views, the post has already had almost 400 shares.

Netizens recognized and liked the “bright face” of the grandmother, who now even has an app profile photo with her grandson Bento.

“I was like this before I got married, today I have three dogs and I sleep with them every day,” said one of the followers.

Who will say? Now the WhatsApp profile photo of the grandmother who refused the puppy is right next to Bento. – Photo: Playback/TikTok @goldenbentoo

Watch the video.

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Below is the other video of the puppy rejected by the grandmother with 2 million views.

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