A great debate. see if it is better to get a private pension through fixed income funds or shares

It’s quite common to think of retirement as something far off, but the problem is that the time has come, and those who weren’t prepared can find themselves in a financial hole.

When looking for retirement, many people question private pension options. With high interest rates above 13%, an alternative at this time may be to look for retirement plans through fixed income. But research shows that these fixed income funds barely outperform CDI.

Meanwhile, equity funds can take a more aggressive approach, but they also carry risks in the event of a stock market downturn.

So what’s the best option right now in a low-equity, high-fixed-income scenario?

To help us with the answers, O Grande Debate – Investimentos welcomes this Monday (18) Paula Zogibi, an analyst at Rico Investimentos who defends fixed income funds, and Luis Fernando Araujo, CEO of Finacap Investimentos, who prefers invest in stocks.

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