A great GENERAL message for those who have the Caixa Tem app

THE: has a box released in 2020 Caixa Econômica Federal In cooperation with Bolsonaro’s government. The intention at the time was simply to create a way for payments Ambulance were carried out. However, the app has only grown in the last two years.

Currently, he is responsible for the provision of various social and labor benefits, such as the former Brazil help it is unemployment insurance, for example Because it is facilitating, many Brazilians fear that Lula’s government will end with a platform, as it was created by the previous president.

Will Lula end up with Kayaksa Temi?

So far, no sector of the new government has commented on the permanence or disappearance of Caixa Tem. In this sense, it is understood that things must remain as they are, including payments for a new one Bolsa Familia through the app.

Therefore, a citizen who has doubts about whether or not to open an account on the digital platform can be careless for now. See how to register for Caixa Tem below.

  1. Install the application on your mobile phone;
  2. Then click “register”;
  3. Provide your personal information such as CPF number, full name, mobile phone number, date of birth, postal code and email.
  4. Create a numeric password of at least six characters. it cannot be the same as your CPF or contain repetitions of the sequence eg ‘123456’. The system also does not allow you to use your date of birth as a password.
  5. When this is done, click “I’m not a robot”;
  6. Now go to your email. mailbox and look for a message titled “Inbox”. Open it and click on the link to confirm your registration.
  7. This will redirect you to the Caixa Tem menu screen;
  8. To use the services, return to the application and click on the “Release access” option;
  9. An automatic chat will appear on your mobile screen, click on the “tap here for your first login” option;
  10. Next, you need to authenticate your mobile phone. The action is necessary to prevent fraud during registrations.
  11. On the next screen, tap “continue”;
  12. When this is done, click “get code”;
  13. The code will be sent via SMS. In this way, enter it in the required field of the application.
  14. Now name your mobile as you want.

Programs paid by Caixa Tem

When a citizen thinks about some state benefit, he automatically has an account opened in his name at Caixa Tem. Among the social programs provided through the application are:

  • Brazil’s aid;
  • Brazil aid loan;
  • Salary Allowance (PIS);
  • FGTS (emergency withdrawal, etc.);
  • Vale-Gas;
  • Unemployment insurance (for those who do not report a deposit account).

Services are provided by Caixa Tem

Caixa Tem users can access the following tools and services:

  • Pay bills online;
  • Make payments at Casa Lotérica;
  • Recharge any mobile phone associated with the operator;
  • Take out family support insurance;
  • Get financial advice;
  • Make purchases online with a virtual debit card;
  • Make in-person purchases by scanning the QR code issued by the merchant’s card machine;
  • Report personal income;
  • Consult the Social Identification Number (NIS);
  • Consult Bolsa Familia;
  • Get unemployment insurance;
  • Make transfers through TED and DOC;
  • Make transfers and make payments with the PIX key;
  • View your savings account transaction statement.

See what success is on the Internet.

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