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A great patent for faster growth of yeast dough. You can cut this time in half

Tired of waiting tediously for your yeast dough to rise? You can easily do it much faster. This method is very smart and extremely effective.

Yeast dough is very often present on our tables. It is extremely tasty and can be prepared in many ways. Therefore, they are served on holidays, but also every day, for example, in the form of pizza, doughnuts, bread or yeast rolls. The biggest downside to this recipe, however, is its long kneading time. Can it be shortened? Turns out it is even half.

How to easily reduce the rising time of yeast dough?

The trick to speed up the yeast dough is really very simple. You will need it foil bags and grease. Thanks to this, you will forget about making yeast dough the day before.

All you have to do is put the kneaded dough in a plastic bag, which you grease beforehand with oil, oil or olive oil. Tie everything together and place in a pot or container filled with warm water (it should be around 35-40 degrees Celsius). The dough will rise in about 40 minutes.

Other ways to make dough rise faster

If you don’t have a plastic bag at home, you can use other tricks to make your dough rise quickly. One of them is to put the dough dish in the oven. First, heat it up to about 30 degrees Celsius, and then place the pot with the mixture on the top shelf. Wait about 30 minutes and the dough will be ready.

To make the dough easier, make it with hot ingredients. Warm the milk gently, melt the butter, and take the eggs and flour out of the refrigerator early enough.

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